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People Eat the Strangest Things

At times, people eat the weirdest things others can ever imagine, but most people do not even recognize how bizarre it is until someone from remote social setup tells them so. Therefore, maybe the bizarreness of what they consume depends exclusively on who is observing them. People eat anything that is readily or locally available for them. In addition, they were brought up thinking that it is not strange to consume such things. Some people consume the strangest things just for fun. What people consume depends squarely on their culture, financial and social status, and the people around them. People consume the strangest things no matter how bizarre it is, so long as they are well satisfied with it.

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Different cultures across the globe consume different things, some are strange and others common, but all are edible. In Japan, people eat poisonous blowfish because they know how to handle the poisonous parts of the fish. Other people take it as a strange idea to consume such fish, or they tried without expertise. People find it strange because they do not want to experiment with things they are not used to whilst there are other available foods. Blowfish is readily available in Japan, so Japanese finds it affordable to consume it, and that is what they are used to. Therefore, Japan people believe it is not strange to consume such foods because when they are hungry that could be the only thing, which is available (Hopkins, Bourdain, and Freeman, 273).

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In china, its population is highly dense and its people consume scorpions, and try nontraditional food supplies. So many China people sometimes starve and try everything within their reach to alleviate hunger. Although, someone coming from outside china might consider eating a scorpion as strange, Chinese value it because of its medicinal value. Some Chinese even consume dog meat (Coleman, 190). People from outside China have never tried eating scorpion, and they would not want to try. Therefore, they find it strange to eat a scorpion, but China people fulfill their hunger and medicinal requirements.

Some people eat strange things just for fun or for competition. In competition, such people might opt to consume a live octopus in order to win a prize. Although it might not be comfortable for them eat such things, they just want to compete and win a prize (Bazerman, and Neale, 152). Under normal circumstance, they would not dare eat a live octopus. In the end, they would fulfill their dreams and get satisfied.

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In France, a common menu item in various restaurants is frog legs. To make it strange, there is what they call frog sushi. This is where skin a live frog, serve the customer with the beating heart as a first course, and then serve up the sushi-a-la frog's head with a bowl of lizard sake. This is what the French people call it a delicacy, because it serve to fulfill their hunger whilst a foreigner may end up vomiting instead (Trowbridge, Larcom, and Hamilton, 535).

In conclusion, people eat whatever they deem edible for them without realizing that is it the strangest thing to do. It is usually normal for them because that is what they are used and they are contented. The environment also contributes to what people eat, therefore what other people from different environments look at it as strange. It is interesting to see how people from different parts of the world have learned and decided what to be eaten and what to be shunned. Various communities around the world have settled on strange and different things to eat, while others have settled on universally acceptable foods. All this depends on what is locally available and what is considered to be of some value. Some people have proven for themselves that some strange things have medicinal value no matter how bizarre it is.

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