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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a film that was written by the late Swedish author known as Stieg Larson, and was directed by Niels Arden Oplev. In the introduction of the movie, the cast list consisted the following characters:

* Michael Nyqvist as Mikael Blomkvist

* Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander

* Tehilla Blad as young Lisbeth Salander

* Sven-Bertil Taube as Henrik Vanger

* Peter Haber as Martin Vanger

* Marika Lagercrantz as Cecilia Vanger

* Lena Endre as Erika Berger

* Björn Granath as Police Inspector Morell

* Ingvar Hirdwall as Dirch Frode

* Peter Andersson as Bjurman

* Michalis Koutsogiannakis as Dragan

* Ewa Fröling as Harriet Vanger

* Gunnel Lindblom as Isabella Vanger

* Gösta Bredefeldt as Harald Vanger

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* Stefan Sauk as Hans-Erik Wennerström

* Jacob Ericksson as Christer Malm

* Sofia Ledarp as Malin Eriksson

* David Dencik as Janne

* Georgi Staykov as Lisbeth's father

* Julia Sporre as Young Harriet Vanger

Micheal Nyqvist who is middle-aged analytical journalist was sentenced three month in jail, due to his exploration of corrupt Swedish industrialist, known as Hans-Erick. Lisbeth who a young girl went to live with a layer called Andersson. However, this lawyer was sexual addict, and he tried severally to control by use his money in order to have sex with her. Lisbeth was not naïve and she did not fall in his temptation, but Bjurman was not happy and he end up raping the innocent young girl. On other hand, Lisbeth took the videotape of rape secretly, and afterward she returns to his apartment accompanied by the rapist, whereby she ties him up, forces him to watch the video, tortures him and forced him to allow her to have an access to his finances. Finally, Lisbeth tattooed him on his stomach "I am sadistic pig and a rapist". In order to monitor him, she hacks her into his computer.

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Blomkvist migrate into a new estate called Vanger, where he came to know that the three brothers of Henrik's were affiliate of the Swedish Nazi Party. Gottfried (Harriet's father), was alcoholic person droned one year before the disappearance of his daughter's. Blomkvist came across a list of five names with their cell phone numbers, inside Harriets's Bible. The police inspector (Granath) told him that they were not phone numbers, although his initial investigation was able to find some inkling. However, by use of photographs that were taken during the childhood period, Blomkvist learnt that Harriet spooked by a fellow whom he saw during that day who might be the killer. By tracing into his computer, Lisbeth discovers the Bible clues and decodes them, using her hacker name WASP, he send them to his email.

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However, before Blomkvist could carried out his investigation further, bad news came from Frode who informed him that Henrik has suffred a heart attack, was admitted in the hospital. Still at hospital, Blomkvist asks Frode if he knew WASP. Blomkvist went to Lisbeth's apartment to give her a job of assisting with case, where she agrees. After a short period, they find themselves on the track of a serial murderer of women whose crimes date back to 1949 in towns over Sweden. After they return to their apartment, Lisbeth wakes Blomkvist for them to have sex, although she did not have romantic feelings for him. In the next, Blomkvist faces an astonished Henrik with the evidence.

The film continued and at the end, Lisbeth visits Blomkvist who was in prison and furnishes him with proof of Hans-Erick Wennerstrom's peccadilloes, including financial records that show his involvement in black market arms dealing and drug trafficking. Later, he publishes a new story on Wennerstrom, who afterward commit suicide. In the closing scene, Lisbeth exploit her hacking talent to embezzle millions from Wennerstrom's offshore bank account.

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