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Meeting Anna Dewdney

'What does a book worth' need not to be addressed. The idea of Collecting one's thought systematically is definitely the greatest achievement of mankind. Dynamic ideas and new values, constantly projected in books are the keys for evaluation of society. Recently I got a chance to attend the book reading event of famous children book author Anna Dewdney of her new book 'Llama llama holiday drama'. She started with reading her previous book 'Llama llama red pajama'. In her simple rhyming and attractive words she described the fright of baby llama. Making the kids follow is really an art. The reactions of the baby llama when her mama is away along with cleverly pointing out a message for babies makes the book a tremendous bedtime read. Attending this book reading event was pretty enthusiastic. Meeting the real author of the book is quite a feeling. Her enthusiasm and love for the book made the occasion auspicious. The book tells about the feelings of baby llama. Baby llama is all warm to celebrate the Christmas but he can't stand the waiting.

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Anna Dewdney has hugely impressed children, parents and children literature critiques altogether. With her llama books she has entered into people's life. Children love llama because of the similarities they found, parents love llama because of the basic education it gives and critiques love llama because of its creative impulsion. Her books are well appreciated by children books critiques. Here is the literary appreciation for her book by renowned critique Dr. Vawter. "The mom is busy downstairs and when the phone rings, the wait becomes longer. Perhaps the cleverest rhyme is when mama returns to the baby after his loud fussing and says, "Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama." The illustrations make the book a winner." (Jacki Vawter, Ph. D, critique Children's Literature)

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Though I might not be much into the children books but the feel of creativity is a very huge gesture for life. A creative mind is certainly a well-organized mind having an irrational point of view over the things. For some this creativity thing may only be the source of entertainment but I certainly found it a way for development of mind. This development, off course, is a way of personal development.

Development of mind make you learn to recognize the reasons behind your judgment. Though learning to articulate the reasons behind your judgments is good (because it makes your judgments more substantial), but alone it does not eliminate all the problems, particularly the disagreements between people on the questions of good or bad. The reason is that people place different values on different things. For me what makes a movie or a book good is not just the action, but the ideas and the artistic qualities books and movies have. This, however, clearly puts me in a different category from many folks around the country, who routinely shell out big bucks for movies I can't stand.

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Now a days living through extensive range of dimensions in respect of views, attaining a right conclusion is definitely a tough task. Though it should be the perfect resemblance of one's interests but a habit of adopting great ideas definitely comes with practice. A comprehensive approach in defining person oriented good and bad is not really an option.

An absolute behavior is not widely expected from one. Think about this with the following simple example. A student offers a friend an evaluation of a teacher, telling the friend that the teacher is 'Good'. The friend later takes a course from the teacher, only to have a terrible experience. The teacher didn't care about the course, wasted lots of class time talking and telling jokes, didn't share interesting or exciting ideas with the class, and generally did a poor job of teaching. The friend later runs into the student who recommended the instructor and asks about the recommendation. "I thought you said the instructor was 'good'." The friend says. The first student responds "Oh, yes, he was good. The course was easy. We got a B for doing almost nothing".

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The example, of course, could have gone the other way, too. The friend could have recommended a teacher who was just the opposite of the one in the example above, only to find out the first student didn't really want to work and to learn something. After getting into the course, he might have decided the course was 'hard' and the teacher was 'bad' or 'lousy'- simply because the teacher made the class work for their grades.

If one was to decide between good and bad, one must weigh things carefully. True, life will be made up of a combination of these things, but while the good in life is usually free for the taking if one wishes it, the bad things are usually the result of man's inability to make right. Conscience choices are always being made and it is the responsibility of each person to live up to his/her decision, whether it is good or bad. But this I know from personal experience, the more we do to improve harmony, the better our chance to rid us of disharmony.

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You also run into opportunities to evaluate things in the workplace employees, your boss, some new equipment. This seemingly simple task needs to address all different possibilities imposed by the attitude of mindset. The important thing is to specify the yardstick by which you measure whatever it is you are measuring. Let me give another example to show how we can miscommunicate by failing to recognize the assumptions involved in our evaluations. Let's say You can enhance your strengths (and your reputation) as a reviewer-of whatever it is you are called on to evaluate-if you take to heart the need to specify why it is you judge things the way you judge them. You can also learn more about yourself by asking yourself the same questions when you are tempted to render a judgment. You will certainly learn more about yourself if you try to pinpoint and articulate why it is you either like or dislike things you encounter. In fact, if you're not afraid of self-discovery, take it as a challenge to make a radical evaluation of your own system of judging things by asking why, over and over, until you get to the basis of whatever it is you have preferences for. You might be surprised at what you find.

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Surprisingly an author of children book tickles so much thought inside my mind. The base off course is the feel of creativity. Crafting true words is a sensational art. It touches the life deep and steadily. The reactions I noted on the children faces were overwhelming. The time I spent there was far more productive than one can imagine from a bedtime story reading. This innocent Llama llama poem gave me a strong chance to consider the partiality in my life. There is always another way to look throughout the events. The more are grow in this way. The more I step towards my self discovery.

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