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The Finger of God is a non-fiction documentary written, produced and directed by Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson is a young professor who teaches film and media at Judson University. The movie was filmed in a 2-year course from 2006 to 2008. He is a skeptical Christian whose faith was moved due to some miraculous occurrences from his family, specifically his Aunt Patsy and his Uncle Bob. Darren Wilson narrates the story in an informal manner, more of like story-telling. He is as skeptic as one viewer may appear. The story is basically a story about the miracles of God and how miracles happen more often than most people think.

Darren Wilson's journey was triggered when his Aunt and Uncle received gold teeth. He filmed some miracles happening in front of his eyes. Miracles such as gold teeth formation, the appearance of gold dust, the "too perfect" precious gemstones and manna falling from the sky, are featured in the first part of the film. Interviews of church leaders of three main churches were documented: (1) Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California; (2) John Arnott, pastor of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship; and (3) Sid Roth of Messianic Vision. More missionaries are filmed during Wilson's travel to different countries for documenting other miraculous occurrences. His journey continues from Northern California to the small villages in Mozambique, to underground churches in China to Gypsy slums in Eastern Europe. Pastors, missionaries and strangers talk to Darren about their miraculous experiences and he films them. Sometimes he catches a miracle right on the spot. One remarkable story was the miracle told by an African pastor wherein a young man was beaten to death, then came back to life and forgave his tormentors. This incident brought them to Christ.

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In conclusion, Wilson pushed through his journey to seek out the truth and deliver the message to the world that God is delivering miracles most often that what most people think. Furthermore, that God provides miracles every day

I think that Wilson's movie is a very critical movie that stirs up the minds of believers and non-believers alike. Personally, I am skeptical about the "gold teeth" formation. I thought that maybe gold teeth were given to them prior to joining the congregation. However, explanation of the pastor made me think otherwise. I thought, what would they get if they made fool out of the audience. Furthermore, they were many followers that were given their gold teeth. Even the aunt and uncle of Wilson got gold teeth. His uncle even got 2 gold teeth. Also, the appearance of gold dust, the precious gemstones falling from the sky caught my attention because these things might be made up. However, the good point in this movie is that Wilson is not trying to sell these things. He is not preaching. He is not trying to prove anything or make unbelievers believe. He is also a skeptic in this film. He only presented the results of his journey

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The most entertaining part of the film for me is when Jason Westerfield tried to exhibit his radical movement for Christ. He walks into the Yale University campus and asks complete strangers if they need prayers and healing. I thought that it was a reality television show that is much scripted. Furthermore, the Christian gatherings in China were surprising. I thought how cruel can it get. People give everything for Christ and that is really awesome.

Darren Wilson's approach is very entertaining. It is not a very religious film. It explores each topic in a very informal and simple way. Wilson tried to explain things very simple so that audience of every generation may understand. Finally, the overall impact of this documentary is that it is a simple and not-so entertaining film. Some of the miracles seen can be easily made up. Some cannot be explained. However, what is important is that Wilson does not try to preach. Wilson lets the audience think and decide for themselves.

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