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Writing Histories of Sexuality

The summary is from a journal written by Leslie Peirce in 2009 titled "Writing Histories of Sexuality in the Middle East, an American Historical Review". The article was chosen because I came from Middle East and I am converting to Judaism. Sexuality history studies in Middle East have been seriously given thoughts from historians as well as other scholars. The documented literatures in form of painting, poetry, art politics as well as other primary source are credited for that. The build up for sexuality was gradual. It was during the Second World War that social history was facilitated.

Women played a major back in 1980s in exploring slavery, politics, gender issue as well as social cultures. The region Middle East was made up of eastern Mediterranean, North African coast, Balkans, black sea region, a larger portion of Caucasus, central Asia, Iran, ottoman and Danube principalities. These regions overlapped other regions. Due to overlap, the regions have variety in religion, language, ethnicities, business, geographies as well as cultures.

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The presence of those who came from Europe in 19th century made definition of culturally different region a risky venture. The same applied for medieval as well as modern periods. Merchants of Vietnam origin sired children with salve women. Similarly, history of sexuality was not well developed in terms of love desire among others. It is only in recent time that scholars have employed censorship. Islam was once though as a sex-positive religion. Various articles have been written concerning sexuality, richness and diversity of legal source for studying men and women. Other sources published during medieval period included topics on homoerotic Sunni and Shite text, Sufi texts laying the ground in of contraception focusing on sexual practice.

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Europeans minds emerged and impacted on culture and history of Middle East. Western culture loomed into social as well as cultural comparison. Medical knowledge has proved to be a better base to understanding pre-modern of sexuality and normative sexual conduct in the Middle East. For instance, semen from male and female resulted in fetus. Greek physiology of pleasure held that female orgasm is important in conception. Not all medical views regarding female pleasure were positive. Etiquette on sex instructs on how they should make pleasure to women as well as allowing use of contraceptive to plan the family. Female sexuality was under male control.

Studies during medieval to modern time established the power of homo-sociality and the impact it has to heterosexual partners. There is case of female circumcision impacting on female sexuality which resulted to fear in their sexual desire as well as their function in marriage. Little work has been brought forth regarding male sexuality. Male have been seen to be sexually autonomous and dominant. Male were do defend the honor of their families. Unmarried men were seen as being a blessing a disguise. Most groups except Sufi did not practice celibacy and simple way of living.

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Homoerotic relationships were illegal from religious as well as political point of view. Studies have been brought forth describing lesbian and why women prefer women. A number of women were accused of lesbianism; it is thought that nuns who distanced themselves are susceptible to such accusations. There is difference in sexuality of those deemed to be rich and poor. There were gaps such as the poor being used as slaves and sex reproduction.

Muslim mysticism did resisted norms of heterosexuality and sex as a conjugal enterprise. During the modern history, women were seen as compassionate wives as well as modern mothers other than homo-social Iranian womanhood. There was progress on human sexuality especially in countries such as Japan. Reform movements not only fostered moralities as well as generating dynamic in social and spiritual renewal and were in a position to address their own issues. In such region, middle east where Islamic was dominant, female fought to have access to take part in politics. Fighting slavery addressed the issue of white concubines as well as raising serious questions on sexuality in marriage.

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From the review of the article, sexuality in Middle East has change has changed as there is tolerance on premarital sex, banning of prostitution and homosexuality, toleration of sex change surgery among others.

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