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The Coca Cola Fun and Mystery World

In Rocky Ice-cream world there exist two brothers that are entertainers but they entertain differently. Rocky Ice-cream world is full of happy people who require to be entertained every evening with different ways and different dancing style. The two entertainer brothers Vanilla and chocolate have to do their best to keep entertaining people. Chocolate is usually the favorite entertainer hence full of many friends who want to be related to him or be his girlfriend.

On the other hand Vanilla sings soft music which entertains old people but young people despises it hence he must change his way of entertaining in order to give competition to his brother chocolate. Their parents usually prefer and support Chocolate and despise Vanilla as he is a slow learner and not a very pretty as chocolate. Only Vanilla grandmother who really appreciates and encourages Vanilla of all what he does.

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Vanilla has only two friends who are usually despised by all other students in their rocky Valley school because they are poor and ugly and they do not have many clothes and toys. On the other hand, Chocolate is the Best hunk boy of the school and all people would really want to be like him but he is a very rude, arrogant, and lying guy. Each and every day Vanilla tries to outdo his brother but at the end of the day chocolate wins.

Vanilla is a clever, soft spoken, shy, goal getter guy facing challenges each and every day and having great dreams of being the best entertainer in the rocky ice-cream world. His friends Sweetpie and Juicy are always beside him comparing him to his brother but still encouraging and motivating him to outdo his brother Chocolate. His mother Piepi is a fat, cunning hot tempered woman who avoids responsibilities only to go to fun places to have fun.

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On the Chocolate side he has three of his best friends Conny, Buffpol and Brart who usually are the bullies and mischievous boys that do everything in the wrong way and end up blaming the weaker students of their actions. Mostly they blame Vanilla, Sweetpie and Juicy and mistreated them even go to a point of breaking Vanilla's entertainment instruments so that Chocolate may always end up winning all entertaining awards and being the favorite entertainer.

Rocky ice-cream world is full of adventurous places and many happy families entailing of poor and the rich. Chocolate uses all his earnings to entertain his friends and having fun travelling in all parts of the Rocky ice-cream world while Vanilla uses his small earnings helping his friend's families and the poor people no wonder only the old people who love him. The school headmistress usually  despises Chocolate and his friends and always wants to get them doing wrong in order to punish them but she never find them in wrong but end up getting Vanilla being the one guilty of the wrong doings even though he is her favorite student as he is cool and clever.

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The story also includes the mayor of Rocky Ice-cream world, a short old man. who likes appreciating those who do good things but anytime Vanilla does good and he is to be appreciated, Chocolate disguises himself and receives the appreciation as the mayor cannot distinguish between Vanilla and Chocolate as he is color blind.

Paque the Sun Underworld Deliverer

Planet Sundia exist inside the sun that is the home land of three communities, trexers, biavers and naplaxs community. Sundia is protected from the heat of the sun by a transparent cover named Swax which usually in the sky. Swax is usually maintained by three people who must be from the here comunities. To maintain the Swax, The three must come up together concentrate to produce great power inform of light that shoots upwards. This power goes up to the Swax and reign force it where it has been worn out by the sun heat hence protecting planet Sundia.

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The three maintaining the Swax are called Pryters.Pryters usually come from royal bloodline of their communities and they are distinct in that their umbilical code fades with time until they have non in the end. When one pryter dies another is born and the cycle goes on.Never can there exist two printers in one community at the same time.

It happened that Naplax's community pryter died and the queen of this community Japhiet, a selfish, hot tempered cunning woman delivers another pryters who is called Jyque.But for the first time another Queen of the same Naplax community Merie, a soft-spoken humble and kind woman gives birth to a pryters hence two pryters in same community. Marie names her pryter Paque.Merie hides her son Paque so that the supreme Queen Japhiet could not kill him for his Jyque to be the only Pryter in Naplax community.Paque is brought up by a maid at the palace as her son hence a slave and his identity is kept as a secret.

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Paque grows to be a humble handsome and kind slave at the king's palace where Pryter and then king Jyque becomes a cruel, mean and ruthless man after his father's death. It happens that Jyque discovers a way to make a Chemical V that can be used to protect people from increased sun heat. Being a pryter he refuses to join the other pryters of other communities in order to enforce Swax layer.Naplax being the stronger community the other communities can do nothing.

With time the sun heat increases and the people suffer due to deterioration of the Swax layer.Jyque start selling chemical V and hence gaining a lot of wealth. the poor people who cannot obtain chemical V start dying, The other kings plan on killing Jyque in order another pryter be born but are unable. Marie calls his son Paque and tells him he is also an pryter and he is the only one who can save Sundia planet by joining the other pryters of other communities and reconstructing the Swax layer.

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Paque travels to biavers community and tells them of his plans and the ever kept secret.Biavers king Neptu, a strong persistent and clever man, calls the other two pryters and they all reconstruct the Swax layer. The market of chemical V reduces and hence Jyque realizes the was another pryter in Naplax community Paque and hence orders for him to be killed so that he Jyque may continue harassing other people hence gaining great amount of wealth.

People of Sundia planet do not eat but they feed on their thoughts and meditations. Now Paque and the other two pryters Atacua and Nexus must continue saving the community even though king Jyque has ordered for them to be killed. King Neptu has joined with king of Trexers community in order to protect the Pryters from the strong army of jyque.later Pryter Atacus gets tired of running and is thinking of joining King Jyque and hence enriching himself.Paque and Nexus must convince him of not betraying him or else they will lose the battle against king jyque. Pryter Paque has to keep escaping and must save the world from king Jyque.

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