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Ethical and Cooperation Peer Review

I think the author's introduction clearly outlines the sublet of discussion in the paper. However it would have been more captivating to the reader if he had started by clearly giving his own opinion of what ethics is then back it up with another writers' description. Even so it would have suited as a conclusive part of the paper if his opinion had been restricted to the conclusion. The writer does not provide a clear summary of neither McCoy's essay nor others done by other authors. His summary is lame due to the lack of proper articulation of ideas in the body to complement the thesis. It would have been best if he choose to summarize a specific issue like the instance of the Japanese girl to properly elaborate on the relationship between Ethics and cooperation.

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Regarding the analysis on persuasive strategies, the author rarely analyzes the thoughts of McCoy et al. Instead he gives shallow references in relation to rhetorical analysis. Quotations are not scattered widely in the paper and some paragraphs make no sense at all. The choice of words plays a major part in attracting and highlighting the use of rhetoric in a piece of work. Would recommend the use of stronger words to impact on the reader where a rhetorical strategy is used by the authors. Because of the fact that the writer only used quotations from McCoy only, I feel that he compromised the whole set up of the paper. But he has, though not very vividly, tried to make understand that both ethics and cooperation are inter-related and that McCoy in his rhetorical strategy, thinks that it is ultimately better to cooperate amongst each other rather than compete despite the fact that competition is dimmed to be not only helpful, but also healthy.

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Considering the fact that the writer's ideas are mostly scattered, it is almost impossible to be entirely captivated by the paper. But I somehow think that his introduction though inappropriate is the strongest point of the paper. I like the way he involves the reader by asking them to define ethics. I think the paper was meant not only to educate on the importance of ethics in the society, but also how if misunderstood, its results are negative. It seeks to reiterate that not every criminal breaks ethical rule as is the case of the Japanese girl. The writer highlights the importance of both competition and cooperation but makes sure he distinguishes both in relation to ethics.

In my view, it will helpful to the renders if they properly understood the importance of ethics and cooperation from one perspective rather than from an all rounded perspective. The choice of words should also be improve to properly articulate the writer's thoughts and ideas.

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