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Born to Buy

The increased consumerisms that have beset society have now caught up with the children. They are being viewed as the link through which markers can push upwards consumerism trends in an economy that is getting highly competitive and in due consideration of current financial problems plaguing the globe. Young people are very knowledgeable about new products as compared to the older generation and targeting them makes dissemination of knowledge regarding new products easier and hence effectively boost sales upwards.

The kind of brands young people use have come to define their social places and this creates a demand for high end products and helping big brands in garments and technology grow. What this means is that any effort by parents to downsize their spending or at least simplify their lifestyles is met with strong resistance from their children who wants to toe the line or risk stigmatization. Modernity has subjected our children to a culture of increased consumerism and turning them into materialistic individuals who would rather spend their time with their toys and gadgets rather than pursuing traditional leisure activities with their friends.

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What is worrying is the tendency of young people in Americans to single mindedly pursue wealth and in doing so give up other activities traditionally viewed as vital for balanced growth. Lack of material things is viewed as poverty and a cause for anxiety among children in a manner that affects their lives. One negative impact which has stakeholders worried is the emerging obesity pandemic which is growing by the day. This has been caused by the reduced participation in physical activities and the increased consumption of sugar based products especially the controversial High fructose cough syrup. In addition, increased production spells trouble for our environment through pollution a feat which might aid to global warming.

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Parenting styles are largely to blame for this shift in marketing from the traditional parental focus advertisement to the current model of appealing directly to children. Most parents have cited the new trend as inescapable and have made no effort to revert or control the situation. In addition, the reduction in leisure times as the need to succeed forces them to spend more time in schools and indoors doing homework has spurred an improved demand for electronics. They then use these gadgets a tool for keeping in touch, entertaining themselves and in fulfilling their increased consumption urges.

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