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Human Sexuality Supportive Credit

The first question that I chose is “Genital wonderings”. Firstly, I want to know where the female clit is located and how it functions. In comparison, Secondly, I want to establish where the male hot spot is located. From the reading, I learnt that the clit is situated in the same line as the females’ belly button. An easier way to trace it entails following the same line as the belly button, and somewhere after the female’s pubic hair is where it is located. In addition, I established that it contributes a lot to the arousal of a woman if well explored. Notably, it looks like a small, roundish nub and it rests at the top of the inner “lips” of the vagina. An easier way to find it entails help from the female partner who directs an individual to where it is situated. From the reading, I deducted that massaging the prostate acts as the male’s hot spot. However, this is considered by many as taboo, but it works miracles on men. Kalat (2008) agrees with Alice description of where the clitoris is located and advances that it is essential for men to know where the clit is located as it contributes significantly to women’s sexuality. On the other hand, Genovesi (1996) disagrees with Alice’s observation regarding massaging of the prostate, as he indicates it as a sin with regard to Catholic’s view on human sexuality.

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The second question involves sex. Under this category, I want to establish if “sexting” is a moral act and if it feels comfortable engaging in it. Secondly, I want to establish whether it is right for partners to continue having sex when the woman is pregnant. Thirdly, I want to know the effects of blowing air into the vagina. From the webpage, I learnt that sexting is not harmful especially for partners in long distance relationships. Alice indicates that sexting helps calm the partners in some way. I also learnt that enjoying sex during the pregnancy period is not forbidden despite a few dangers that abound. Lastly, Alice points out that blowing air into a woman’s vagina is not advisable because it has adverse effects. Genovesi (1996) is particularly critical concerning “sexting”. Genovesi (1996) asserts that it is forbidden according to the Catholic customs as it promotes promiscuity. According to Bailey (2001), blowing air into a woman’s vagina is extremely dangerous because of the various fatalities that have been recorded. Bailey agrees with Alice regarding the medical conditions that could result because of forcing air into a woman’s vagina. In regards to sex during pregnancy, Luciani (1917) provides many reasons against it such as it can lead to miscarriage and vaginal infections, which can be harmful to the fetus.

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He third questions concerns kissing. I want to establish where a person can kiss, technique behind french kissing, and how to kiss. From the reading, I have establishes that there are many places where a person can be kissed. Notably, it is essential for partners to talk concerning where each of them like to be kissed as it will help in arousing them at the right places. I have also learnt that knowing how to kiss is more or less like learning how to ride a bicycle, as it takes some time, but the more practice a person puts in the better one becomes. Lastly, I have learnt that french kissing requires some finesse in both kissers. This is for the purposes of avoiding embarrassment when pulling apart and a thread of saliva depicts. Giroux (1991) notes that kissing is not a harmful thing; however, he indicated that people need to be cautious concerning their kissing encounters as a person can contract an incurable disease from kissing. Thus, Giroux (1991) asserts that people need to avoid engaging especially in deep kissing, which has a higher chance of aiding in transfer of virus from one individual to the other. On the other hand, Genovesi (1996) advances that it is a sign of love between two individuals; although, it should be treated with some sense of respect as some people engage in careless kissing, in public places. Giroux (1991) also echos Alice’s sentiments regarding the places to kiss as he indicates that different people have different sensitive regions on their bodies. Thus, it is essential for partners to explore themselves and establish the right places where they can add pleasure on each other.

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The fourth question concerns masturbation. Concerning this question, I want to establish the morality behind masturbation, how a person can feel without masturbating, and if masturbating for history of masturbation has some health effects attached. From the reading, I learnt that masturbation in relation to morality rests totally on an individual’s decision. What is considered moral varies from one individual to another. I also learnt that there are other ways that can relieve a person besides masturbating. These include Yoga and Tai Chi, which are more or less physical activities. Concerning the health effects associated with masturbation, Alice indicates that there are no pointed out health effects. However, the male genital organ sometimes may have rashes or scratches resulting from the masturbation process. In order to prevent scratches, a person is advised to try using lube or monitor the speed of the hand during the masturbation process as it helps in reducing friction, which contributes to the scratches. Kryger (2006) notes that masturbating is healthy as it supplements sex. Masturbating can come in handy when partners are far from each other. In addition, Kryger (2006) reiterates Alice comments concerning masturbation that it does not have a health effect attached. Genovesi (1996) refutes the arguments presented by Kyrger and Alice commenting that the Catholic church forbids against such acts of promiscuity and that it is advisable for a person to engage in other physical activity in order to ease tension caused by sexual motivation.

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The fifth question concerns “tools and toys”. From this question, I want to establish the history of “dildos”, what the term “Lube” denotes, and the effect of aphrodisiacs. According to Alice’s text, I have established that “dildos” have an expansive history, which traces back to ancient Greek. According to Alice, people in Greece used to posses sex toys as there is proof of curved stones that resembled penis. In addition, I learnt that the word “dildo” originated from the Italian word “Dilleto” that means to delight. I also learnt that “lube” is a short form of lubricant or lubricating. This entails the liquid that is used when a person is masturbating for reducing friction. There are various types of lubricants used, and they include water based, oil based, and silicone based lubricants. I also learnt that aphrodisiac is a named borrowed from the Greek goddess of love, and people have come up with different things that they claim can increase sexual virility, arouse a person, and or extend sexual energy. These includes Oyesters, chocolate, banana, and the Spanish fly. The united States food and Drug Adminstation refutes the claim as it has tested all those aforementioned stuffs, and non among them does what is claimed. According to Giroux (1991), different cultures around the world use different types of aphrodisiacs. This is because of the held belief within those cultures. Kalat (2008) notes that, despite aphrodisiacs enhancing a person’s sexual desire, at times, it might have fatal consequences as due to increased blood pressure.

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The last question concerns abstinence. Regarding abstinence, I would like to know if there are some things that a person can get involved in and still be considered as abstaining. I would also like to know the exact meaning of abstinence, and finally, the meaning of the phrase “abstinence is the safest sexual activity”. From Alice’s comments, I gathered that there are different things that a person can get involved in and be considered as abstaining. These include touching, caressing, and kissing. Notably, abstinence has has different definitions depending on a person’s cultural background or school of thought. Some people choose to think of abstinence in terms of sexual intercourse only while some people think about the term with regards to all sexual activities or things that motivate a person a person to get involved in sexual activity. I also learned that it is normal for a person to have sexual urge while at the same time abstaining. This is given force by the fact that the person indulges in some other things that will deal away the sexual urge. According to Genovesi (1996), abstinence takes the form of restraining from any sexual activity until a person is ready or legally allowed to indulge in it. Genovesi also notes that a person can be in an intimate relationship like marriage, but still abstain from sex. Luciani (1917) asserts that the human physiology makes it hard for a person to abstain from sex. This is because of the physiological processes that take place in our bodies, and provide the urge for a person to indulge in sex. Thus, he notes that it is essential for a person to engage in sexual activity as it helps calm down the body.

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