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Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology is what I learned this semester. Cultural Anthropology is a proper subject as it is a study that concentrates on a variety of aspects such as the variation in culture of human beings, which is arrived at through research on cultural realities, economic and cultural aspects of the world. The subject was fascinating as it shed light on some cultural activities of other races that I was not familiar with. It also enabled me to encounter the cultural activities of other races, to learn more concerning my social group and culture. Arguably, the course is significant as it prepares a person to become a professional ethnographer in the future. In addition, the subject enables a person to behave in a respected way when one encounters an unfamiliar culture.

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This paper provides background information regarding Cultural Anthropology its benefits on a person’s career and intellectual development.

Interesting Aspect of Cultural Anthropology

The most compelling aspect of Cultural Anthropology is the way it covers a wide range of topics relating to human culture. The subject focuses on things such as race, cultural change, environment, class, and gender. These topics are fun to explore as they bestow a person with knowledge regarding other groups of people that a person has never encountered. In addition, the field trips associated with Cultural Anthropology are fun as they enable a person to get first hand information regarding other cultures.

Knowledge concerning other societies and groups globally

Firstly, Miller (2011) indicates that societies around the globe vary in many ways. She indicates that people’s culture and traditions are different and what might be acceptable in one society may be unacceptable in another society. Thus, an example is provided of societies  that have progressed in their cultures as they accommodate things that other societies around the world still find to be taboo. Secondly, Miller (2011) points out that societies have different forms of political arenas. In some countries, they have a political environment that is more conservative while, in other societies, the political environment is liberal. That explains why some societies around the globe do not have stable governments while others enjoy democracy. Lastly, the economic environment also differs around the globe as some societies have mixed economies while others are closed.

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My social group and culture

From the study, I deducted that my different social groups comprise of different cultures that I have to observe when I am in their distinguished company. Notably, my peer groups have a distinct culture compared to my church social group. Thus, this means that I have to observe the norms of these different groups in order to avoid social strains. I also learned that these social groups derive their cultures from different sources. The social group that comprises my peers apes what the current trends are, and that is what forms their culture while the other social groups such as my family follows ancient traditions as their culture. I would like to know more concerning the collection of data regarding the cultures of social groups as that is what contributes significantly towards understanding of the topic of discussion. The three methods of collection of data, which include surveys, interviews, and participation observation, have different requirements that I would wish to familiarize more about. For instance, I would like to know, which type of method is suitable for what group, and what is constituted in such form of data collection.

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Future prospects of the course

Several advantages abound in regards to this course. Firstly, the course has instilled me with some knowledge regarding cultures of different races; thus, this will enable me to interact well with members from different races, as I am informed concerning some of their boundaries. Secondly, the study has instilled me with background information regarding the social variations that abound around the world, which will reduce my culture shock when I encounter cultures that are strange to me. Professionally, the study has instilled me with knowledge regarding collection of data, and this will be beneficial to me as I can easily get a job in research firms. Another professional advantage associated with the study is the possibility to get a job in a learning institution. This means I can work as a tutor or be in charge of materials regarding histories of different cultures.

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In conclusion, Cultural Anthropology is the study that I learned this semester, and it entails the learning of cultures from different social groups across the world. The study is fascinating in that it bestows knowledge regarding cultures that a person was not familiar with initially. In addition, the study has field trips that are educative as a person encounters new cultures. The knowledge I gained regarding my social groups is that they do not share the same cultures because they subscribe to a different school of thought. This is because my social groups differ in terms of formality. However, I liked a thorough understanding of the topic regarding methods of data collection, and that forms the topic that I would like to learn more concerning Cultural Anthropology. The benefits associated with studying Cultural Anthropology are both intellectual and professional. The intellectual benefits are familiarization with new cultures and prevention of culture shock when a person encounters a new culture as the briefs a person regarding different races, gender, and social variations. Professionally, the study prepares a person for career either as a teacher or as an ethnographer.

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