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Drug Use in College Campuses

Drug use in college campuses refers to the consumption of drugs by campus students. It is widely spread in college campuses because of matters such as peer pressure making most students indulge in drugs. The drugs have negatively affected the students’ bodies. For instance, their bodies are exposed to risks of cancer, brain damage, loss of eyesight, and lung problems. Students always sneak the drugs into college campuses. This results in a wide variety of drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroine, and Opium.

This essay explicates drug use in college campuses and the effects of drugs on the bodies of users.

The drugs in college campuses are widely spread. This is because of the increased peer pressure that attracts more students to drug use. Many students have taken to drug use thus increasing the overall spread of drugs in campuses. They are carried around by most students who have become addictive and cannot do without drugs. In addition, the spread of drugs is growing at an alarming rate as the effect of peer pressure continues to push students into drug use (Hanson, Venturelli and Fleckenstein, p123).

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The bodies of students are always exposed to adverse effects as they use drugs. For instance, they suffer from lung problems. This is because of continuous intake of drugs such as Marijuana. This means these students experience breathing problems due to the reduction in the in the level of pure oxygen support by the lungs (McKenzie, Pinger and Kotecki, p145). This is a dangerous bodily harm that could lead to the eventual death of the individual. The body is thus forced to strain in acquiring fresh air. Drugs reduce the rate of oxygen intake by the lungs hence the inefficiency of a person's breathing.

Drugs lead to red eyes and loss of eyesight. This causes body harm that is visible on drug users. Intake of drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana would lead to the reddening of the students’ eyes. This is an undesirable body characteristic. In addition, students could lose their eyesight due to drug use. Some of these drugs contain chemical components, which when taken, result in loss of the ability to see.

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Students lose weight due to drug use. Drugs lead to loss in weight of most of these students. The loss of weight is caused by the chemical composition of drugs and the consumption of drugs before meals (Maisto, Galizio and Connors, p155). Individuals lose appetite for food as they find their peace in drugs. This mean they would have ill health that leads to massive loss of weight.

The bodies of the students are exposed to cancerous problems. Cancer is an untreatable disease because of its continuous mutations. Students who engage in drugs expose their bodies to this untreatable menace. This would lead to the decline in their normal activities relating to studies and supports. Cancerous effects of the liver would lead to immaturity deaths thus the loss of a future generation.

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They lead to high blood pressure among the students. This is because of the anxiety that s created from the use of drugs. The chemicals found in various drugs such as marijuana and heroin leads to the rise of the body’s blood pressure (Maisto, Galizio and Connors, 122). The students are also exposed to irritation and depression because of the high blood pressure.

Students sneak the drugs into campuses hence increasing their spread. They hide the drugs in the most convenient places they could find. The drugs are carried in bags alongside their books. This is only to ensure that no one discovers that drugs are being taken into the school. It is a technical means of taking drugs into the campuses because one cannot be suspected at a glance and accused to be spreading the drug at the campus.

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In addition, drugs could get into these campuses through secretive sales by outside drug peddlers. These are individuals specialized in drug operations and they would make sure they safely deliver the drugs in the campus as demanded (Hanson, Venturelli and Fleckenstein, p130). They pretend to be visitors at the campus but always have a hidden agenda. Thus, the drugs come from the outside drug dealers who supply students with the drugs according to their demand.

There is a wide variety of drugs at college campuses. For instance, Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is taken into the through smoking or ingestion. There is cocaine that is derived from the coca plant. This drug is always taken in by the students through injections. Another type of the drug found in campuses is heroin (Maisto, Galizio and Connors, p133). This dangerous product leads to heart infections. In addition, alcohol is a crucial feature at the campus. Most students are engaging in excessive drinking of alcohol due to the building peer pressure.

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In conclusion, drug use in college campuses is on a high increase because of the increased peer pressure. Students consume the drugs without considering harmful body effects such as loss of weight, loss of memory, cancer, and lung problems. This thus leads to deteriorating health among the students. Drugs get into the campus through the sale by drug peddlers and secretive sneak-in by students. They further spread due to the high demand among students who have been influenced. There is a wide variety of drugs in campuses. For instance, marijuana, heroine, alcohol, and cocaine, which are all, taken for leisure and refreshment by student users.

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