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Parenting is a very basic and an important job that the society needs to lay focus on. Children need to be promoted socially, physically and intellectually in a process that is guided by the parent. Children have a lot of energy, unrecognized talent and curiosity which when unguided though good can be destructive (McKay, pp. 11-36). This is the main role of parenting; to ensure that children grow from infancy to adulthood in the most beneficial way as possible. All these aspects of raising the child apart from the biological connection are what parenting is all about. Biological parents are the main participators in this process although the child may be found in the society’s and government’s hands. The goals and objectives of human parenting have been greatly debated upon. Normally, the parental figures offer the physical needs of the child by protecting and imparting skills and values of culture to them. This is a process that must be conducted until the legal adulthood has been reached in a child. It is usually after the child has passed adolescence. During this time, there are dos and don’ts for the children that can facilitate the parenting process. Thus, this essay seeks to highlight some ten dos and don’ts for the children that are considered most significant in the parenting process.

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In parenting, 1) Children should not be allowed to do what they want at a tender age. Children at a very tender age would want to do whatever comes their way because of their curiosity. The parent should therefore be on the look out to prevent and advise on the wrong and right things. 2) Adolescents should be allowed as much of a sense of independence. Through this, the adolescent is able to know his or her strengths and weakness while the parent is still on the look to give advice where it is required. 3) Children should also be allowed to partly make some decisions independently as they grow into adolescence (Lamont, p.604). This gives them the chance to have some voice of reason which is good for their development. This is important as it gives them a sense of identity which finally translates into having self esteem.

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4)Children should also be allowed to get into some challenging situations. In other words, the parent should not make the path so easy for the child. Some things are learnt through experience. When they make mistakes in these situations, they start realizing the reality into adulthood. The child can never be right always. They need to experience some tough things that will enable them to face social and future professional experiences where being right always does not exist. 5) Children should be recognized on their emerging ideas and encourage them to go for the best decision. This helps them grow positively (McKay, pp. 11-36).

6)Children should not be presented with an image implying that everything will always work out for their good. It is good for the child to know that life will not always be “fair” to them. Through this, they will become better off when they are confronted with challenges beyond their understanding. The right choice may not necessarily be the fairest. 7) Children should not be allowed to have a formed opinion about anything or any particular people. If need be, let the children know the strengths of people or what surrounds them. It will help them learn own their own and hence chose to view everything from a sound and logical perspective that is not biased (Santrock, pp. 23-29).

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8) Children should always tell their parents where they are going. It teaches them to be accountable and responsible people. 9) Children should also treat all other adults as their parents in terms of giving respect and showing obedience in matters where their courtesy is required. They should not only be obedient to their parents alone. 10) Last but not least, it is good for children to show appreciation to the good that has been done to them while at the same time be sorry for the things they have wrong others. This will make them great people in future.

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