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Weber Theory

What is Weber’s theory of knowledge is a hypothesis that gives out exodus for revisiting his early writings on suffrage, parliamentarism and politicians and opposition amid system of government and politics in particular on how more comprehensive efforts can be rendered in respect of this theory of knowledge.

Weber, thinks that the knowledge of society can be objective because of the social action or acts which takes into relation the events and reactions of a person to the others is by this means sloping to the way of the society collectively. He therefore, observes human behavior in relation to its source and consequence and thus the study of a society and its behavior relies direct to the centre of interaction.

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According to Weber, rational understanding of “action” and “meaning” is the cause and outcome of human behavior they socialize thus, the theory of social action is born out of the way humans differ in their actions. This affect other people when a possible outcome is not enviable thus action can have meaning when basic or advance to social action where actors are involved then cause action.

Weber thinks that religion was so important to the development of capitalism in the West because the competition among religious firms presents religious goods and services to customers which tend to specialize and gratify the needs the religious consumers. This in turn increase the figures of religious consumers aggressively engaged in the economy leading to developed capitalism due to anticipation of earnings by peaceful use of opportunities for trade. Proper sagacity underlies goods production and liberated labor. According to Weber, capitalism require spirit in other words; regimented activity, systematic time utilization, elevated intensity of reinvestment, despotism of desires, commitment to labor as vocation and this is found among the religious customers.

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Weber thinks that modernity culminates in an “iron cage” because he is convinced that when capitalization is in good shape it increases power through competition and once it is in bad shape then modernity culminate to an iron cage.

Weber’s view of inequality and power in society is that there exist a very big gap between the powerful and the powerless in terms of their class, status, and party. Such disparities have resulted in uneven distribution of resources and power only concentrates among a few in the society. Social unrests currently being witnessed is a result of the gaps Weber identified that have been ignored by those in control.

Weber’s view differs from Marx’s in that Marx sees class in terms of socialism, property and as community while Weber views class in commercial terms. Political power is viewed by Marx views political power in relation to French peasants while Weber relates to Junkers, Southerners in Congress, religious fundamentalists in Republican Party, elites in authoritarian states. Weber says that change influences class and stability favors status as opposed to Marx.

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Weber is pessimistic about what socialism might achieve because of the unsteadiness of values and the nonexistence of unqualified guides bring into being a world of never-ending perspectives. In addition, for this reason it becomes conscious of own limit and although we have the resources to attain goals, it is hard to achieve argument of theoretical nature to justify any scrupulous end. According to Weber social reality is constructed, he further recognizes that once a character is build its sustainability becomes difficult to sustain. Weber perceives the world negatively and the human beings therein are mere cogs. Though his perception was negative, Weber has positive aspects of modernism in representing visions and commentaries in modernism.

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