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Facebook Addiction Disorder

Addiction is a challenging condition that many individuals experience, and it is not easy to overcome. Addiction refers to a situation whereby an individual becomes physically reliant on something or an activity. For instance, an individual can develop alcohol dependence. Apart from this, addiction can also be psychological. Addiction is also perceived as an incessant engagement with a substance or an action despite its negative outcomes. Pleasure may be experienced at initial stages, but with time people cannot cope without an action or a substance that they have become dependent on for pleasure.

Though addiction is primarily associated with substance dependency, it also encompasses compulsions which are not connected to substance dependency. For instance, compulsive shopping and gambling are addictive actions, which can interfere with an individual’s psychological well being. This paper seeks to discuss facebook addiction.

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The internet has emerged to be one of most significant developments that began in the last century. At present, the internet has been acknowledged across the world, and many people still continue to embrace it. The internet has not only turned the world to a global village, but it has also reshaped various spheres of life. For example, people use internet for social and economic purposes. Therefore, the internet is now a treated as a key infrastructure rather than a basic communication system. However, some challenges have also been encountered in the process of it gaining much popularity.

Facebook is today a significant component of the internet services that many people have embraced. Facebook has been instrumental in enhancing socialization, and it has enabled people to interact more frequently and effectively a cross the globe. Apart from this, people have been able to exchange several ideas and experiences with different individuals. Facebook also provides commercial opportunities to enterprising individuals. As such, the culture of facebook has now gained much prominence especially among the youth. It has also overshadowed other socialization models such as calling friends or writing text messages. Facebook has been able to attract a significant number of individuals due its prominence.

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Though it has enhanced socialization, facebook has also been detrimental to some of its subscribers. For example, some individuals have ended up being hooked up to facebook. This type of addiction is referred to as Facebook Addiction Disorder. This condition is manifested through excess time an individual spends on facebook. This hinders a person from engaging in productive activities such as working. Hence, it can lead to a poor or unproductive lifestyle. It has also been noticed with a lot of concern that over three hundred million individuals have become victims of this syndrome. Facebook addicts, therefore, contend that they should receive necessary therapy to enable them adjust their lifestyles. One realizes that he is becoming dependent on face book when he can no longer accomplish his tasks. This happens due to lose of time as a result of being on facebook for long hours.

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Therefore, I contend that the problem lies with the victims themselves and not facebook. This is because many people have maintained a healthy life despite using the face book. In my view, anything can turn out to be addictive if it is not properly used. For example, eating is a normal activity to everyone, but it has become a problem to some individuals who over do it. I therefore, conclude that facebook should be used effectively in order to avoid inconveniences. A simple cure that I can recommend for addiction problems is that people should be conscious about the potential outcomes of whatever they do or use.

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