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Entropy and Personal Relationship

This paper intends to find out whether the concept of entropy can be applied in a personal relationship. This paper has found that in order to stabilize a dwindling relationship, much energy or power is needed. The energy represents the efforts that are used by an individual to sustain the relationship. Among the efforts utilized are communication, buying gifts and presents, and constant meetings. Hence, a personal relationship forms a basic unit in the society and everyone should strive to make the relationships work in order to foster harmony and love.


The concept of entropy is used in physics to give details of how many things have a tendency to shift toward the state of confusion or to a mess except when power or vigour is applied to restore order. Confusion occurs everywhere in all aspects, and for it to be controlled, efficient planning and adequate investment is made on the power to be used to restore it. The basis of using this power to control confusion is to employ a ‘first things first’ strategy. Thorough planning is required before an action is taken. The first step is to identify the cause and then plan for an action to take (Lewicki, Barry & Saunders, 2006).

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A personal relationship refers to the kind of human relationship that exists between people. A strong personal relationship is healthy for the benefit of the entire society. Just like every other things, relationships have a start and an end. The relationships also have opportunities and challenges. It is imperative upon humans to establish and maintain strong personal relations among each other so as to promote unity and a harmonized coexistence in the entire community.

The concept of entropy can be linked to a personal relationship in various ways. A personal relationship will require vigour to resuscitate it when it is dwindling. More effort is employed toward preventing the downfall of the relationship so as to maintain the growth of the society. A state of confusion or chaos occurs in a personal relationship when nobody is working hard to sustain its existence. A personal relationship is based on love and unity and other social commitments; and it is keeping up with the norms, laws or mutual agreements stipulated in the society. It is a twofold affair and every individual influences the other so as to foster interdependence and maturity. The values driving a personal relationship include honesty, integrity, compassion, and enthusiasm (Hamburg, 1998).

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The Concept of Entropy and Personal Relationship

            A personal relationship can fail if no energy is pumped in to it as a way to conserve it. Many relationships start at an infant stage before blossoming to a fruitful affair. It is necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant parties involved in the relationship. This is necessary to prepare a person for any eventuality that might arise. The concepts in which a strong personal relationship is based on are honesty, enthusiasm, integrity, and compassion .

            Feelings of hatred are bound to arise when the parties in a personal relationship become suspicious and doubtful of each other. Once the principles of a healthy relationship are dishonored, it becomes extremely hard to restore the relationship back to the original form. It takes time to rebuild trust and confidence once a relationship breaks down. Building a relationship is necessary to resolve conflicts. This is because when people with conflicting or divergent ideas come together on a regular basis, the possibility of them developing a stronger relationship is high; for instance, interactions in the line of business, profession, or trade will always tend to develop a stronger bond between rivals (Lewicki, Barry & Saunders, 2006).  A strong and healthy relationship is the best strength that a person can ever have in life. Moreover, a good relationship shapes life in various aspects since it shapes the mental strength, it strengthens the mind, and in other instances, it strengthens the bond that exists between people. All relationships have a dual concept; it involves a ‘give and take’ scenario, whereby a person receives an equivalent of what he or she puts in the relationship. Love and trust are the unifying factors and without them a relationship cannot go anywhere. They form the foundation upon which a relationship is based; therefore, injecting love and trust in a dwindling relationship will bring a new leaf in life.

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            A bad relationship with others will lead to difficulties in interaction with people and inability to settle conflicts and disputes among people. In an organization or in a workplace set up, a bad relationship with colleagues can create chaos among the workers. They cannot make things even by settling their disputes or misunderstandings. It is essential to have a good personal relationship in the workplace as this will create a conducive atmosphere for work to be done. Besides that, a good relationship in the work place can contribute to promotions in a person’s career since it inculcates the spirit of togetherness or unity among the workers.

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            In order to foster a good personal relationship with others, it is necessary to have a positive attitude. This kind of attitude enables a person to conceive things in an optimistic manner and gives the person the mental strength to prepare for any eventuality that might arise in the course of the relationship. A person should have an open mind that can accommodate both positive and negative responses from other people. This is beneficial as it encourages a person to have a positive perception when reviewing ideas and also build up on a person’s skills to solve problems and settle disputes that arise. An optimal level of trust is beneficial to the well being of a healthy relationship because it helps in strengthening the bond between people and also improves the level of respect that people have for each other (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2000).

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            It takes much effort to build a good relationship. If a person treats another person with unkindness and despise, he or she should expect the same kind of treatment in return, because there is no way that a person can be friendly to an unfriendly person. It is therefore, important to understand other people better before any judgment is made about them. This will help in avoiding unwanted conflict and confusion between individuals (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2000).

Building a Strong Personal Relationship

            Starting a personal relationship is very easy; the hardest part comes in maintaining the relationship. Much effort is needed lest the relationship falls. Constant communication is required to support the survival of the relationship. One quality of a strong personal relationship is to be constantly engrossed with each other. Without this, a distance is created between the people and this makes it so hard to find someone to confide in whenever there is need (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2000).

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            Another quality of a strong personal relationship is overcoming quarrels peacefully. It is important to talk things out rather than to fight or argue. A person should prepare himself or herself psychologically in order to acquire the mental strength to meet this challenge. Keeping many friends also plays a major role in maintaining a strong relationship with others. This is justified since a person cannot rely only on one person to meet all his/her needs, thus, it is beneficial to keep a wide variety of friends so as to build up a person’s social association (Pruitt, 1991).

Communication is another key element of a strong personal relationship. People should strive to express their feelings and thoughts in an honest and calm manner. Constant communication enhances the feeling of belonging and association as it helps to build up trust and strengthen the bond between the people. Communication comes in all sorts, both verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication is on a ‘one-on-one’ basis while nonverbal communication entails body language. Without proper communication, a person cannot know whatever is in the mind of the other person. This can lead to unnecessary assumptions being made and quarrels being picked up. Communication acts as a building block to a stable and a fruitful relationship life. Constant communication is a key ingredient to happiness. It is really important to keep in touch with friends, even if they live closer. Every once in a while, it is necessary to email or telephone the friends just to check on them. Occasional or constant communication brings in the energy that is necessary for the relationship to grow (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, 2000).

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Another key element to build a strong relationship is arranging for occasional meetings with the friends. It is advisable to set up dates once in a while so as to meet over breakfast, lunch, or dinner to catch up on current affairs or check out what everyone is up to. No matter how busy a person may be or how tight a person’s schedule might be, it is still important to set out some hours every week to catch up with friends. This will help in building up trust and maintaining a strong and a healthy bond between people. Seeing the same people on a regular basis builds a strong connection between people and enables a relationship to blossom in a positive manner (Lewicki, Barry & Saunders, 2006).

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            Buying gifts and presents to friends contribute to the establishment of a strong relationship. It is often encouraged to surprise friends every once in a while with niceties. Out of the blue, gifts or presents prove to friends how much they are treasured and valued. This fosters a sense of love and ownership and eventually maintains the continuity of the society. Buying gifts to a friend will demonstrate to the friend how much he or she is very important and loved by others. Listening and providing attention to friends is another way of building and maintaining a stable relationship. It is important to develop an interest in what a friend is doing or saying and give feedbacks and responses where necessary. Asking appropriate questions when necessary and contributing to stories occasionally are elements of building a strong personal relationship.











            In some instances, it is difficult to solve some problems that come up in a relationship. In such a scenario, it is necessary to involve a third party so as to help to revive the relationship. For instance, friends can opt to seek for professional advice as an investment to pump in energy to the relationship. Before making such a move, it is important for all parties to agree to it as the possible decision necessary to restore the relationship back to its best form. Seeking for spiritual advice from a religious leader also provides another means to solve problems in a relationship. Another means of solving relationship problems is therapy, where a person seeks professional help to offer counseling to him/her.

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            A strong personal relationship is a key pillar in today’s society. A relationship is vary easy to start and at the same time, very difficult to keep a relationship. Various methods have been used to guard against the falling out of a good relationship. Just like the concept of entropy, much energy or power is required to add life to a dying relationship. All relationships are twofold and applies the dual concept whereby in order to receive adequately, a person must give adequately. Each person has a responsibility to play in the relationship, thus it is not a one person affair.

            A person should have an open mind that can accommodate both positive and negative responses from other people. This is beneficial as it encourages a person to have a positive perception when reviewing ideas and also build up on a person’s skills to solve problems and settle disputes that arise. An optimal level of trust is beneficial to the well being of a healthy relationship because it helps in strengthening the bond between people and also improves the level of respect that people have for each other.

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