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Language is one of the significant factors that ease and facilitate life in our modern society. Since time immemorial, many different languages have been in existence with every community speaking its specific language. Every community protected and upheld its language at all costs and didn’t want people from other communities to learn or know their languages. However, as the saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention,” with the increased interaction between different communities in search of goods and service, water, pasture, among others, different communities were forced to learn many different languages or come up with a common language that will help them interact well. Since then, there have been many ideas and theories regarding the use and significance of languages. Many works of literature have also been written and published aimed at illustrating significant aspects associated or resulting from language. It is therefore due to this fact that this paper is aimed at explaining my newfound ideas about language.

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Language has remained to be the only factor that is constant with everybody speaking his own language. Nevertheless, unlike ancient times where no community wanted other community to learn its language, everybody is eager to learn as many different languages as he or she can. This has facilitated the rate at which different communities and countries interact and associate. However, despite the fact that all people across the world are in a race to learn many foreign languages, mother tongue has remained to be the main and the only language that identifies people. I have found that mother tongue is the only language that people feel comfortable when expressing themselves or when interacting. The other interesting fact that I have found about mother tongue language is that unlike other languages that an individual has to learn in an institution, mother tongue is learned naturally hence putting an individual in a good position to use it with ease.

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I have also found that language is the key factor that is facilitating development of modern technology and increased interaction between different countries across the world. People who only know one language have found it difficult to use modern technology or move across the world. This is reverse of the people who know more than one language. They have found it easy to move across the world and interact with many different societies. For those who only understand one language and want to travel across the world, have always find it difficult, expensive and boring since they are usually forced to look for translators who sometimes deliver wrong messages.

The most interesting idea that I have found about language is that language is a major source of employment. Language translation has become a common activity in our daily life. Whether you understand language of the country or region that that you wish to visit or not you don’t have to be afraid or bothered on whether there will be clear understanding between you and your hosts or not. This is due to the fact that translators are in all sectors and all places and that machines have also been developed to serve this same purpose. Translators are paid well even more than certain occupations across the world. At an early stage, language translation was not viewed as an occupation but a crime with anybody who was proved to be speaking language that belongs to other community a part from his/her mother tongue being penalized. This evolved rapidly to language translation becoming an occupation with only specialists with certain skills being in a good position to do this task.

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The other new idea that I have found about language is that since language translation has become an occupation and people are moving from one country to the other in search of work, tour, the need to learn many different languages is on high demand. In order to meet this need, all academic and learning institutions are offering courses in foreign languages where students learn different languages other than their mother tongue. This has helped a lot in fighting racism and tribalism. This is because everybody is willing to learn and speak any language. Introduction of foreign languages as a course in academic institutions is therefore an indicator of how all people across the world are willing and eager to learn a many languages as they can.

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The other interesting idea that I have found about languages is that it is a privilege to know certain languages. This is because there are certain places where specific language is used and if you don’t understand it you will be viewed as an inferior regardless of your position or status in that particular society. However, you will be accredited with a great honor and respect and even viewed as a brother if you are a foreigner but you can understand and speak the common language used by that given society. The use of different languages has also facilitated rapid development especially in third world countries which rely heavily on developed countries. Good relationship that is facilitated by good interaction and communication has remained to be the key factor.

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In conclusion, use of different languages is of great significance to everybody across the globe. As observed above, it is true that unlike ancient times where language belonged to a certain community or society, language ownership has been eliminated with anybody being allowed to learn a language that he/she wants to learn. This has facilitated economic, social and political development across the world since it provides everybody with an equal opportunity to work or live anywhere across the world. Hence, we should embrace all new ideas that are being developed about language since they will enable us to create a free world where everybody can communicate and interact freely across the world.

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