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Legal representation for all citizens in any country is hugely a serious thing and thus it is necessary for each person to be represented in court indiscriminately. Jerry Canterbury has difficulties in obtaining legal representation simply because he could not afford. It is common practice in many countries that the poor are not represented in court. Several initiatives have been put in place in order to ensure people are represented in court. However, it cannot be frightfully easy to do so at times. In cases where a representative is required, various things are considered. Attorneys are the most common representatives in court. They are usually licensed and charge varying fees in order to perform the duty (Regan, 1999).

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In this view, various measures are necessary for availing representatives for the poor. This means that someone has to stand for them in the circle of financial obligation. In many countries, the clients in court pay for their representatives. This means that if the client is not able to pay the attorneys, then the court has to organize for an attorney. The government should allocate budget for such people who cannot pay these charges to advance the level of fairness in the judiciary. Law firms should also come up with strategies of dealing with this problem because they are the sole providers of this service.

Jerry Canterbury went through a very tough experience in seeking treatment. His life changed and he could not enjoy himself any more due to the nature of his illness. He walks in corridors of the FBI in pursuit of justice but in vain. Compensation in this case would help in assisting Jerry Canterbury to recover from the emotional distress that he was going through at the time he was seeking medical attention. Being neglected until he was finally paralyzed is the main point of concern for many. The lack of consent to treatment was another thing that could lead to the suggestion that he should be compensated monetarily. However, it could be his fault for not being aggressive but the main concern is that he was neglected.

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