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Multi Cultural Understanding

Multiculturalism refers to a body of thought in the field of political philosophy which defines proper ways of providing response to both cultural and religious diversity. It sis based on the fact that a variety of cultural potency are the forth force that explain human behavior. The capability to recognize other people's as well as our own cultural lenses is crucial to all learning processes.

When conducting the interview, the knowledge of multiculturalism would be essential in carrying out the process. Through acknowledging that multiculturalism effects social change, a foundation is provided for the process of mutual accommodation. Multiculturalism belongs to the society and therefore it undermines the claim that it is a segregationist. According to Hansen et al., the concept promotes the acceptance of immigration as well as cultural diversity. This in itself involves an affirmation of the variability of national identity. Carrying out an interview will be successful due to the fact that multiculturalism incorporates an entire society through its national identify. It is a reformer of national unity. As an interviewer I will be recognized as a member of the society. I will be in position to acquire first hand information through the expected mutual understanding among the people being interviewed.

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Hansen et al (2006) notes that a strong multicultural identity is essential in any given society. This should be backed by a strong commitment to the acceptance of the differences. Integration should not be seen as a two-way process, but rather a multi-way because multiculturalism is enshrined within the society's rules and obligations therefore it has become part of the social fabric. Inability to come up with a process of mutual accommodation prohibits a sense of belonging among the people. In conclusion, it is important to note that there is need to formulate proper mechanisms that would ensure that multiculturalism is enhanced to effect social change in the society.

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