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Sociology: The Matrix

Characters Socialized

Talking about the characters that were socialized, Neo is the main character who has been entertained by Morpheus in the movie where he was taken up by the Matrix and wanted to disappear him so that Neo cannot make their dominance end up from the world. As the matrix knew about it , his agents tried to trap Neo as he was the one who was set to save the world from the machines but Neo got saved with the help of Morpheus who made him know about the real world and made him believe about his powers he is unaware of and how he can make the scenario different for all of the humans suffering from the Matrix plans of defeating the real humans that is getting defeated by the machines.

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However, he was firstly approached by the Agents, Agent Smith precisely who made him believe him about his expertise being a Hacker and consider the world as a usual place where he is needed to work for Matrix that is against the world and humanity and help the machines getting over with the world's humanity and join hands with the artificial intelligence who wants the humans to get defeated by them. But he was saved by Trinity while getting a warning initially from Morpheus and his team members that Neo has something which none humans or the agents has , that is the Power of getting the world back.

Moreover, another character who was first trapped by the agents and later saved by Morpheus was Trinity who was there is the team supporting Neo and also leading him the way with the believe that she will be in love with the one saving them. She was socialized in the team of Morpheus defeating the machines who want them killed. She was socialized in the real world by Morpheus in order to be the part of the team who were there to defeat these machines and artificial intelligence and get their real world back from them who are continuously trying to snatch the rights and bring the humanity and kingdoms of manhood to an end.

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Carrying out the Socialization

The agents of the matrix were the first one to start the socialization with Neo and Trinity in order to get them used to the machines and culture of the Matrix and help get the main codes of the mainframe of Zion but they failed to get them socialized. Later, Morpheus was the one who made Neo and Trinity socialize with the real world successfully. However, if we analyze the respective in terms of the agents of socialization, such type belongs to the category of school where by the mental capability and maturity stage of the characters get the clue what is the real world and we are just living in the world of lies and no truthfulness. The real world was the world which is shown by Morpheus and also to believe in the powers Neo has.

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Considering the school as the agent for the socialization category for the movie, it can be further categorized in the sub category of official curriculum where the people actually realized the sense of maturity required from time to time to get along with the new or latest cultural background they are part of .As they were a part of the another culture, it makes them to get adjusted after a time period. And therefore, since Neo got adjusted as sometime to the new culture when he realized that he is the one, he became the part of the world of Zion.

Actions taken for conformity into socialized world

The main character Morpheus has made the socialization occurred by making Neo believe in the world they are living in. He with other team members striving to save the world including Trinity, Apox, Mouse, Switch, Tank and Dozer who were earlier saved from the Matrix, had warned Neo that he will be attacked or approach by the Matrix agents to get the codes of the main frame of Zion. Later, Morpheus approached and saved him finally when he was trapped through Cypher, the red pill. Trinity got the red pill out of his body while taking him to Morpheus to make him understand the true culture and traditions he should follow and adopt. Due to the similar reason of accepting different challenges, Culture value adaptations and knowing the true sense of socialization, The Matrix is set to follow the official curriculum within the category of School among all the agents. However, in the beginning, Neo was just a Hacker who was really good in his profession. But Neo later found that it was not enough being just a simple human.

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Reaction of Characters to socialization

Firstly, they do not realize what is going on and how it can be that we are unaware of the real world and the Matrix. The Matrix tries to get hold of them and wipe them off so that their life and protection from humans increases. Neo and other members were just normal human beings who follow their daily routines of office work and expect their salaries monthly while striving to have more of it. Therefore, they were quite astonished that what is going on and how can this be true. They never believed it as the first reaction and continued to be the same as they were, the normal humans. However, later when Neo started having dreams about the agents filling him with the red pill, the Cypher he got confused whether it was a dream or it was reality. But, ofcourse he thought it was just a dream. Until, he was shown the bug coming out of his body by Trinity and then he realized that he is in big trouble and really need help of someone. Due to this reason believed in Morpheus and got along with his plan saving the world.

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Changes in reaction of characters over time

When they realized what they are and how they being a team can save the world, started believing in their power. However, when they did not believe it firmly, it was hard to believe that we can successfully win our world from the Matrix who can be defeated by only one man, that is Neo. At first when Neo was told him about his powers by Morpheus, he was not sure that whether he can be capable of doing so. This is how his journey of real world started against the matrix.

New member's socialization successful or failure

Ofcourse, without any doubts the socialization process of Neo and other members were successful. Neo and other member knew about their tasks to be done and how to be done in order to beat the Matrix. And therefore, they continues first learning that what to do and then later learning that how to do and what are the rules of the game so that we can beat them with flying colors. Once they got used to the cultural values and got educated to the environmental needs and ways of settling the situations, they now know what to do about their enemy and how well their powers are that can be used to make the enemies that is, the machines & Matrix defeated. Therefore, after knowing all the solutions they defeated the matrix saving the world and making the agents come to an end .All this was possible by Neo knowing what he is here for. Therefore, the real success was because of this character that was not only socialized but also made his team and others believe in him with his magnificent powers. So Neo proved that he was the one and made others proud of him.

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