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Sociology is social science which involves the study of society. This mostly involves the study of human characters in a particular society. Different behaviors are analyzed to come up with a conclusion on how best to deal with the social problems in the society. There are so many issues which can be discussed under this topic, including, racism, discrimination, poverty, and child abuse.

There are children who face social challenges in the society. These include; children from poor working families, children exposed to violence due to various factors and homeless children. All the above categories are being driven by one major aspect. This is mainly poverty. When a child comes from a poor family, he may be exposed to violence due to financial constrains. The child may lack proper education and in most cases, they may be used to do more tasks in order to be able to raise enough finance in the family. Extreme poverty mostly leads to homeless children. The children tend to run away from numerous problems in their family and try to find a new home. This makes them ending up being homeless. These entire factors always lead to family separation (Kids count, para 4). In most cases, the children under the age of ten years will separate from the family together with his mother.

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After the child has grown to become a youth, he finally separates from the mother leaving the family totally separated. The main reasons that lead to homeless are; domestic violence, poverty, lack of enough housing. These children are mostly dumped at the orphanages or home cares. There parents never turn up to pick them up as they do not have enough finance to sustain them. As much as sociology insists that some of these children are normally affected in the social life, there are those who get to catch up with the system and end up being important people in the society. This contradicts from what is being taught in most sociology classes. From the notes, we are told that, when a child goes to school, they enter into a relationship with other children of the same peer. This contradicts the information we get on such websites in that, statistics have shown that these children are mostly affected socially and they tend to isolate themselves from others.

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Formal organization in definition is a fixed set of rules that is found in an organizational structure. This is normally done in writing and the language used must be a universal language. Bureaucracy is defined as a system of administration that is basically distinguished between the rigid labor division and flexible rules and regulations in a given organization. It incorporates a crystal clear hierarchy of authorities and the relationship is not personal. One of the major goals that Blacksburg Electronic Village aims to achieve in the long run is the use of community networking and its impact to the society. It also aims to evaluate this strategy and see how best it can perform in any given community. The Blacksburg Electronic Village has been used like a platform for the research of economic and politic and sociology. BEV provides a wider range of internet services to the ordinary citizens and non profit making organizations in the village. The services are not used by the business making people. This is just to improve the communication services to the villagers (Linux InstallFest, para 3). The health of those visiting the site are well assured of their health and contacts are left incase one suffers from a disease.

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Due to the ever changing technology, Internet is now being taught allover in most of the schools and this makes it vital for the use of internet in the village. It enlightens the less fortunate who may not just be in a position to access the internet in their homes. This makes all the citizens to move to the same level in terms of communication thus improving sociology in the area. E community simply improves bureaucracy in the community. The youths have been involved and have been given a special attendance as they have their own home page. This is because, apart from the youth being the higher in the population, they play a major role in the coming generation. The government has been involved just to ensure that this site is protected and allowed to go allover the village.

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White collar crimes are basically commercial crimes that involve consumer cheating and embezzlement. This term was derived from the white collar jobs because the people mostly involved in the white collar crimes are mostly at that top position. This crime is very different from physical crimes. Some of the companies that ensure white collar crime is eradicated include; Consumer watchdog, corps watch, and Association of Integrity in Accounting (AIA). AIA aims at ensuring integrity in the accounting department and prevent fraud in various organizations. The watchdog company is ever on the front line to ensure corruption in cooperates and politics is eradicated completely (Watchdog, para 4). The corps watch is also in the same family and they ensure that there is no online fraud. They protect the online consumers from being misled into theft.

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There are various reforms that have been proposed in the body. These include; introduction of corporate power groups that will start off the discussion on these reforms. Fact sheet must be introduced and people allowed giving their opinions. Suggestions for reforms must also be given. There should be donation to citizen works. Corporate crime related links must be introduced. There should also be introduction of unity platform on the corporate and they must be accountable. Corporate tax traitors must be introduced (Tools for democracy, para 2).There should be a code of corporate responsibilities. The media are so much concentrated on covering the street crime more than white collar jobs.

This is because most of the people who commit white collar crime are so influential and in most cases, they even influence the top government officials. This makes the media develop the fear and so as to secure their business, they decide not to highlight these crimes so much. The campaign of this corporate is to fight fraud and other immoralities that will lead to corporate power. It is also vital to join in the giving back campaign to ensure that dirty money is retrieved from the hidden areas. It is also important to volunteer in the citizen duties as this will make one realize other hidden information. Another reform is through the distribution of corporate crime flyers. This will enlighten the public and make them know the right steps to take incase of white collar crimes.

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