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Social Media as Community

Revolutionary changes have challenged people across the world to embrace new ways of doing things. Today, nobody would prefer to be associated with obsolete ideas because technology has influenced the lifestyle of people. Dr, Michio Kaku in his video The World in 2030, predicts how science will affect the lives of many people in the future. Keith Hampton also describes in his article, Social Media as Community how relationships have been intensified by the increasing numbers of social sites. Furthermore, an article entitled, Technological benefits should reach every section of society by Express News Service has also highlighted the benefits of using technology in the society. There numerous advantages of technology such as faster and reliable means of communication, strengthening the bond among people and accessibility of basic necessities like quality medical care. The intent of this essay is to explore the significance of technology in the modern world.

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Technological advancement is aimed at making life cheap and easy for everyone in the community. For As a matter of fact, an innovation cannot be termed as successful unless it caters for the needs of both the poor and the rich in the community. For instance, Information Communication Technology has made it possible for the citizens to access banking services at the comfort of their seats back at home. One is just required to have a mobile phone to able to carry out mobile banking. Therefore, the cost of travelling to the financial institutions has been reduced since the services can be received through the cell phones. In addition, technology has improved agricultural production which has led to high standards of living. The invention of mobile –controlled water pumps has enhanced conservation of water and electricity which are very crucial in agriculture. Lastly, Information technology can be used in the provision of quality health care to the people. For example, bad behavior of selling expired drugs by some health workers can be eliminated if technology in monitoring the types of medicines administered to the patients.

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Social sites like face book, twitter and Skype have really made life quite interesting. These sites have made people to communicate easily as if they are in a common village. Consequently, intimacy among people has greatly increased because they are able to exchange opinions and ideas within a short time. Businesses have thrived well through the use of social networking sites which have increased purchasing power for the goods and services produced. Furthermore, several merits of technology are anticipated even as the civilization process continues. Acquisition of jobs is expected to become relatively easier as new ideas crop up. Health sector is currently becoming efficient as sophisticated equipment are invented to deal with different kinds of diseases. Thus, quality health care is experienced as the living conditions improve.

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Technology is what all of us must be in the fore front to advocate for. It adds value to life and makes it pleasant. We need efficient services and quality products in our daily lives. Therefore, we should support the use of technology in every sector of the economy to facilitate the provision of quality services to everybody all over the world. Technology simplifies work and makes it pleasant to undertake. Peace and stability across the world can also be enhanced when social sites are used by people.

I strongly believe with the fact that technology can shape our lives to a great deal. It is therefore advisable that we ought to embrace the use of technology in order to transform the situation in the world. The authors of these articles and video have actually foreseen a true picture of how the world would be if innovation process is encouraged in the whole world. People will be able access quality health care, good jobs and efficient services which will eventually improve their standards of living when poverty is eradicated.

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