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Socio-Cultural and Structural Issues

The basic differences that exist between socio- cultural and structural issues evolve on the time lines. Socio- structural state has a greater contribution from industrialization process. In this respect, the whole process of structural sociology is related to the elapse of the industrial revolution. Due to this new style of operation in the socio- structural state, individuals are characterized with rebellion against the traditional rule and authority. In the structural analysis of sociology, persons tend to subscribe towards a lot of ambitions in life. The type of approach given to work in this scenario captures orderliness and rationality in all matters. Cultural approach to sociology entails perfect submission to the traditional form of authority. In all endeavors, this approach pushes for retention of the old ways of moving on with activities. Socio- cultural approach totally disagrees with any form of change towards modernity.

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Hays core arguments about welfare reforms pertaining to culture and structure covers a lot of controversies. In the entire view of the rapid drop in the welfare roll from 4.4 million families to 2 million, Hay comes to a sudden shock. In her arguments, she is totally on the opposite side to the ideologies at the moment. Even though the welfare management praises the reduced number of welfare members, Hay observes them as cultural leaders. The sense is clearly portrayed in the type of suffering imposed on both the children and welfare mothers. Hay further remarks that more welfare members would even boost the living standards of the welfare mothers and children. She states that it would be good for the welfare to have many members than see this kind of suffering.

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Wilson Williams comes up with an observation that both structure and socio culture contributes adversely to poverty. In his article, Wilson makes an observation that violence among the youth as well as family disintegration and unemployment are key results of structure and socio cultural set ups. In his ideology, Wilson analyses that the fate of poor parts American and Africa must do away with these activities so as to be free from poverty.

Cultural basics of sociology are based on negative attitudes against any form of changes in the modernity. In contrary to this, structural basics of social pillar offer a good opportunity for expanse in the society. It is relatively important to note that social values of any given welfare can only be supported by socio- structural model of foundation. The most important lesson to be learnt from the analytical survey of culture, structure and welfare recipient is based on change and resistance to change. The best way to go so as to achieve better returns in any welfare is the structural style.

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Cultural frames used to explain welfare in the articles provided strategize on all sorts of instability. Firstly, the William cites cases of domestic violence as a typical exposure of cultural frame of set up. In addition, unemployment is equally expressed as a cultural frame of happening in the Poor parts of the world. In another perspective, poverty of mothers as well as poor living standards of children clearly gives the welfare meaning of culture. Culturally, various reforms in the welfare bring about massive challenges related to the regulatory rules applied.

In understanding the connection between poor mothers and the welfare, it can be deduced that culture has negatively contributed to the general welfare. Hay analyses the prevailing circumstances compelling mothers to be involved in job activities. This act in itself has made the mothers to lose contact with their children. The children are either left home all alone throughout the day or left with the child care units. In addition, cultural effects of the welfare have led to the realization of poor working conditions for these mothers. A case in point is evident in Hay’s finding revolves around the nature and returns received from such jobs. The main cultural implication in loading women with this entire burden has its weights in the traditional norms.

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Incase William had to express his ideologies on the welfare issue, he might have evidently analyzed on the poverty level. As per to his contributions, Wilson clarifies the major consequences of culture in any given society. Firstly, the essence of reduced number of membership of the welfare portrays Wilson’s ideas about unemployment. In the final state of issues, welfare mothers can now be seen jobless and instead seeking poorly paying contracts. A second analysis based on Wilson’s point of view pertains to the domestic violence evident in the welfare. Analysis based on the research findings from the welfare reveals that most of the mothers are single yet with children. It comes out clear that these women might have been married before. Due to domestic violence, they opted to move into being singles. It can further be analyzed that poverty affects better portion of the welfare mothers. Culture plays a very great role in ensuring that all the affected group of people remains poor.

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Hay points out some of the best alternative structural contributions which could have assisted the poor single mothers. In her suggestions, Hay comes up with an idea about the modern ways of women keeping their children with the child care units. Hay suggests that this action would assist the mothers get a cool working atmosphere. These mothers would instead need not to go to work with their children. Through such schemes, socio structure would help improve the working standards of these women.

Even though the welfare had its norms based on traditional strategies of operation, Hay provides a way out. She analytically covers her journey visiting senior welfare officials advocating for the incorporation of change. Based on the overall performance of the poor single mothers, they cannot effectively work and achieve to their full ability. Reason behind this is the pressure surmount from the children. Structural incorporation of modern strategies would automatically load off women from their prevailing burdens.

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Wilson William equally places his ideologies pertaining to culture and structure. According to William, all these ideologies contribute negatively to the society. Basically, there are various factors which though founded on the tradition affect the progress of the society. Wilson equally clarifies that there are negative effects of the structural factors of sociology. According to the welfare analysis, Wilson considers both sides to be characterized with negative strategies of operation. Firstly, cultural ideologies play a major role in coming up with poverty related problems. The most evident case in the welfare resulted to the fall in the number of workers. Cultural forces behind resistance to development towards new ideas majored. Willian finds out

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