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Socio-Cultural Development

Kids are very fond of imagination, and they prefer to explore and experience new things. Significant styles and designs of playground equipment help children in coping up with their mental and physical conditions. The selected playground equipment in this paper is the Caterpillar-Range that is meant for children from 9 months to 3 years. Caterpillar-Range is durable range that supports rapid physical, as well as mental growth in the young children, and motivates them as explorers. It is made of plastic and is filled with the colors of rainbow.

Playing at the playground supports children in getting imaginative and practical knowledge. While playing Caterpillar-Range, the child discovers a new end point and that comes up as a miracle for the child. This gets well-related to the idea of magic, as declared by Malinowski, who considered religion and magic as similar platforms, in order to attain socio-cultural status (Maliowski, 1954). In case of human beings in general, the matter of magic is like the attainment of personal power, whereas the concern of religion is related to faith in God that offers them the magical power within. As the matter of miracle or magic gets passed down from one generation to other, it gets clear that the upcoming generation gets the mirror image of the same through various playing equipment in the playground, like: seesaw, a slide, wooden horse, playground train, etc. They learn their inner power and the power of God through their performances, and thereby start believing in the matter of society and culture. Thus, to note Malinowski, feelings generated among people added by their motives get marked as the format of crucial knowledge. To comprehend this aspect, it is necessary for the child to attain basic functionalities of the society.

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As a matter of fact, children start socializing at a very small age. As for instance, in the Caterpillar-Range the child meets many other children of the same age and gets the opportunity to share all kinds of emotions with them. According to the Freudian psychoanalysis, it is the unconscious mind in human being that helps in exploring the feelings that are usually repressed (Eagleton, 1983, p. 153-4). This is an aspect that can be well-channelized in a child by offering him a very positive and healthy competitive race. This can be well attained through games related to the Caterpillar-Range. By this game, children can well create imaginative thoughts while passing through long-covered structure (something that resembles their mind). They can also realize that their existence is limited in the vast world, yet can always attain wider exposures, if they end up in understanding the tunnel and overcoming it. This is the representation of the tunnel of the unconsciousness that demands balanced exploration, which can be taught to the child at a tender age.

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Implication of the Caterpillar-Range under semiotic aspect signifies a wider range of meanings. There is a clear connection between the aesthetic styles of the Caterpillar-Range, as it adds enough meaning to the mental and physical growth of the child. It is through its structure that the child undergoes the dual processing system of meeting his imaginations with the practical life. The child gets well-acquainted with the act that there is also another world within the caterpillar. In a way, there is the link that gets discovered between the plying items in the Caterpillar-Range and the material culture within the child. The child starts realizing that the matter that is the Caterpillar-Range is nothing but the base for understanding the meanings of his imagination with the practical world outside.

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It is through the a reading of Berger[3] (2009) that various theoretical approaches can be noted in terms of understanding material culture towards the psychoanalytical set up in any human being. The reference to the playground equipment that is the Caterpillar-Range shows its multifaceted privileges that are picked up by a child in a very fanciful manner. The relation between the Caterpillar-Range with the idea of understanding inside out is the core purpose of this selection. Consequently, it is necessary to add that a child learns a lot by playing the Caterpillar-Range. He is capable to imagine the interior of a caterpillar, though as hollow, or in other words as a place for some objects, digestive system for instance; there remains the scope to understand the same as he grows older. The child is definitely in a very tender state of mind, yet, his introduction with the Caterpillar-Range is very effective in making him realize that colors that he sees can offer more imaginative ranges to his conscious and the unconscious mind.

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