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The globalization involves a condition where cultures, societies and the economies are integrated into in the global network. Since time immemorial, it was not possible for the societies to live in seclusion; they depended on each other in various matter that included trade, education and collaborations in wars to fight a common enemy. The continued interaction among the societies has brought about the issue of globalization.

From the beginning, capitalism by its very nature was global. The author of the book postulates that there is interconnection between the capitalism, globalization and industrialization. Since time immemorial, societies entered into trade with other societies in with the motive of earning profit. The industrialization was made possible by the urge of producing more products that would satisfy the markets that have being created through globalization. However the global nature of capitalism, some people still believed that it was short-lived and soon would be overtaken by a more stable economic arrangement which was referred to as socialism. According to socialists economists such as Karl Marx, they believed that capitalism is unstable economic arrange that would soon collapse and its place taken by the socialism.

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They argued that capitalists or the landlords exploited the workers by paying them low wages that was enough for subsistence. The amount of the money received by the workers did not reflect the effort that was put into productive activities. Thus making the capitalists enjoy abnormal profits. The state also propagated the capitalists' tendencies by providing police who are supposed to protect the interests of the capitalists at the expense of poor workers. Karl Marx postulated that people would later recognize that there are exploited by the capitalists and thus revolt against the system that would ensure its collapse (Teeple 158).

Keynesian-Welfare-State is a theory that was postulated by Keynes that argued that it is good for the government to intervene for the economy to perform effectively. According to Keynes, the government should intervene in the market to remove the imperfections of the market. The Keynesian-Welfare-States reneges from the theories postulated by the Adam Smith which argues that the government should not intervene in the market instead forces of supply and demand should be left to determine quantity and the prices of the products in the economy. According to Adams Smith players in the economy should be left to pursue their personal interests and in so doing, they will be improving the welfare of the whole society. The government role, according to Adams Smith, should be limited to making policies that ensure the market affect efficiently and not directly intervening in the market (Teeple 156).

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To ensure that the capitalists systems were sustained in the country, there are various roles played by the states. According Karl Marx, for the capitalists system to exist in the state, they must be supported by the state. The state, for instance ensures that the working class are productive to setting of standards that have to be attained by the workers. According to Karl Marx, the state collaborates with the capitalists or the landlord in ensuring that they goals are met. Since capitalists' systems are viewed as oppressive to the workers since they total wage is not proportional to the amount of production realized by the capitalists. There is likelihood for the workers to revolt against the oppression by the capitalists and hence demand a higher wages. The higher wages demanded by the workers will reduce the amount of profits made by the landlords.

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Therefore the landlords in capitalists' society seek the assistance of the states to avert possible revolutions waged by the workers against the capitalists. In conclusion, globalization has made capitalists system realizes their goals. The goal of capitalists is to maximize their profits through offering products at high costs in the market. The capitalist systems are oppressive to the workers since the workers are paid low wages which is not proportion to the effort they put in production of products in the state. Globalization, thus enable the capitalists states have a wider market to sell their products and thus earn high profits which is one the main motives of capitalism.

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