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Living in a Communist Country and in the USA

With communism there is a controlled lifestyle that focuses on the government. In the capitalist system of the United States, there is a liberated life that focuses on the individual. There are many differences between living in a communist country and living in the United States when it comes to, freedom, economy, and the view of religion.

The Differences between Living in A Communist Country and Living in the United States


A Communist Country

Individuals don't have the freedom to express their opinions about the regime unless if they are supporting or embracing it. Any small form of protest against the government policy can cost the person his freedom, his job, or his kids' education. There is no respect for human rights or privacy ("Communist Czechoslovakia", n.d.).

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The United States

Every citizen has the freedom to make his own choices in life. An American citizen can do whatever he wants without getting punished by the government. The government protects the individual's rights. Privacy is a basic value in the American life. (Grouling, Inc, n.d.). The ideas of freedom in the United Stated include "Sexual libertinism", "The notion of freedom as no rules", and "The notion of the individual as utterly sovereign" (Blankenborn, 2001).


A Communist Country

"Communism is the idea that everyone in a given society receives equal shares of the benefits derived from labor". In communism, all people must have equal levels of income. People from different social classes must be equal. Also, wealth is distributed between people so that all people become equal and have equal incomes. In a communist regime, every asset that is used in production is owned by the government, not the original owner. For example, if a citizen has a factory, he cannot decide how to run it or what to produce with it. And that is because these choices are controlled by the government (Hoyt, 2009).

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The United States

The United States uses "Capitalism" as its own economic system. Every individual has his own source of income. He set his own rules for himself without any pressure from other people or organizations. People don't have the same levels of income. The government doesn't control the sources of income (like production assets) or income levels (Reel, 2005).

The View of Religion

A Communist Country

In a communist country it is not allowed to show any kind of interest in any religion. People are forced to accept communist values only. Believing in a religion is considered a type of fighting against the regime. A citizen can lose his job if he just talks about religion. If a man and a woman are getting married, they are being asked to choose between having the wedding in a church or not. The refusing couples are getting rewarded. The government watches people to detect anyone who break its law ("Communist Czechoslovakia", n.d.").

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The United States

The United States respects the total freedom of religion. One of the American concepts is "Materialism". And that's "the assumption that material and especially economic interests are fundamental, whereas philosophical and especially religious ideas are essentially reflective and derivative". People with different religions live as a one nation (Blakenborn, 2001).


The main difference between a communist country and the United States is respecting freedom. A communist government only cares about its own interests, but the United States ensures a beautiful life for people regardless of their religions or even political opinions. It is true that communism means equality, but equality doesn't always mean justice.

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