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The Problems of the Modern Society

The modern society is disturbing, trouble-laden and even in a ominous place. The comparatively sympathetic nature of the savage life and the pains of the modern society are different from those of the olden days. Many people have been declared incapacitated and as a result toil, suffer and languish in abject poverty. The existing anxieties of the bourgeois and the pleasure derived from the mass consumption of good, unequal distribution of resources, immorality are some of the problems of the modern society, (Harold, 13). The eminent problem in the modern society is not intolerance after all, but social class supremacy that propagates the daily acceptance of unearned advantages of the systemic institutions. People exist in a multicolored image of social class imbalances in a multiracial society and the appreciation of such diversity is not easy to achieve.

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As a problem in the modern society, the propagation of social class imbalances enhanced through the complexity of religion and political power, rebels against the rules of simple conclusion. However, as Jay (23) avers, it is good to say that many social and psychological issues are caused by greed and religion and the need to imitate the good are used to hoodwink the majority poor into tolerance. Societal leadership has not made efforts to prevent the impending social class charged confrontations that Karl Marx predicted and has instead propagated, though subliminally, how passive economic prejudice and pre-conceived notions have become part and parcel of our society. The truth is that the economic unfairness exists and the political class and the owners of production have reinstated it for their own selfish gains and have thus shunned any efforts by the society to address problems of social class supremacy and its systemic institutions.

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Another unfortunate problem of the modern society is the aspect of production and consumption of goods due to the forces that act around these two economic concepts. According to Craig (78), the nature of civilization in this commentary society is entirely depended on production and consumption such that if the two were to stop the negative effects would be unimaginable. The lives of the people are far scripted and predetermined in the chain that workers will continue (to produce and of course with very little remunerations) as the society continues to consume. This circle becomes very vicious and the fact that it determines the daily lives of the people in the modern society changing it has been viewed by conservatives as detrimental to human survival. The major reapers of the economy, who work less but earn a lot, are willing to lay off a few lives to ensure that no change occur.

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As a last problem in this society, many people think that their survival is vested on their human relationships and bonds. Relationships that bear trust and honesty, which is important in a successful society, have been restricted to the nuclear family. At times, parental politics within a family have come to threaten the trust is supposed to hold a society together. The cost of such actions is that human beings cannot truly experience the emotions of love. When people are young they exist in sincerity and slowly begin to feel these strong emotions over the course of their not-so-challenging life, (John & Paul, 89). But as they grow, the inherent fears in the society and the insatiable need to feel better than others make them not to act these emotions in a constructive way since they are unable to comprehend how to have such a relationship is possible in this cruel society.

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To conclude, the modern society is disturbing, inhumane and even unsafe place. This is attributed to the greed and the amassing of wealth among the minority at the expense of the suffering world majority. The nightmarish society we live in is created by outright seclusion where there is too much for a minority group and too little for the hardworking majority. The problems existing here, as a general sense, include social classification, consumerism, inverted freedom and disturbed human relations. Generally, as we continue to invoke the anxieties of the bourgeoisie on communism and capitalism, the more scared we get of where exactly we are. All in all, this society can be changed through social change and we must appreciate that the challenges herein simply continue to introduce us to the truths of our existence.

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