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The Most Faithful Things About God

We can actually say so many things about God. God is powerful and can do all things, nothing is difficult to Him neither is any player request too challenging to him or sinner too sinner for Him to save. God knows the most vital things about me like how long I shall live in this world. He is also well versed with least significant things a bout me like the number of hairs on my head. He as well as knows the top secret in me that I don’t share with any body else.

God is every where; every place I go, God will be there. As indicated in Old Testament, Moses described god as very faithful, he kept His covenants of love to a thousands generation. In the book of Galatians, it describes one of the fruits of Holy Spirit to be faithfulness. Gods’ faithfulness was also depicted when Israelites were traveling through the wilderness. God kept reminding them to be obedient but they did not heed His call but God did not leave them. He fulfilled the promise He made to them. When Jonah fled the call of God, He didn’t leave him but kept Knocking at his heart. Saul was a great sinner But God remained Faithful and it is the reason instead of punishing him, He saved him. Thus God never fails and He remains committed to fulfill His promise. It doesn’t matter how we wrong Him, He remains faithful and every time we ask for Forgiveness, He forgives us.

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It is good to note that God’s attributes of omnipresence, immutability timelessness, omniscience, omnipotence, perfection, and sovereignty as ‘essential’ attributes. To deny that God knows the prospect is to refute one of the necessary attributes of God. To refute that God is eternal, unchallengeable, or great is to deny that God is GOD.”

God is powerful, every where marvelous, caring among many other positive attributes. For sure we can not be able to at length describe God. It is some time beyond our capabilities to truly have a convincing description of Gods attributes

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