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I have always been interested in studying arts for many years. My interest in this field was as a result of numerous factors that have influenced me. To begin with photography is my hobby, and I was introduced at an early age to photography by my grandfather who was a renowned photographer in Saudi-Arabia. The other factor that contributed to my interest in photography was the fact that my father and elder brother work for a leading newspaper company in Saudi Arabia, meaning that I have grown up in a family of photographers.

Studying art at the University of Denver has given me the chance to learn a lot about art. The university gives students the freedom to choose subjects from numerous classes. This freedom enabled me to choose the art related subjects which are of personal interest to me. Through the studio foundation program, I was able to learn the basic skills in art. The program concentrates on drawing which is a crucial skill in all fields of design and art. The other area of interest that I have been able to pursue is the visual arts; I started with white and black photography, which concentrates on balance in nature and presence of lines. In addition, I have also studied glass etching using a sandblaster and this given me skills in this field especially making sculptures from pieces of glass. I have also studied three dimension art, the use of canvas, acrylic and oil in Mondrian style. With time, I am sure that a combination of these skills will make me competent in photography.

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Finally, being a Saudi living abroad, I have been able to learn a lot from other cultures. This has taught me how to relate and compromise so as to be able to balance these different cultures. I believe that the excellent education and experiences at the University of Denver will allow me to achieve a successful career in photography.

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