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MIT Admission Essay

Quite a number of activities have characterized my busy life schedule. I have found myself greatly involved in a horde of activities which have demanded my participation. In the many activities that I do, I find pleasure in getting solutions to new challenges in them. While I am doing individual or corporate work, I love being actively involved in finding solutions to the challenges present in the activities. Anything that I find bringing on challenge and provoking my mind to think will definitely be my interest. My satisfaction in any activity always comes with the solution I offer a problem in the process.

Even though I am yet to establish what to major in, a program in the school of engineering would be the most appropriate for me (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Section 5). Due to the nature of activities I am likely to be involved in, the field of engineering particularly appeals to me. I believe with the ever advancing technology, engineering will offer me enough challenges that need solutions to cope with modernism. As an engineer, I will be able to thoroughly engage my mind into the questions of why, when and how as I try to find innovative ideas to solve global issues affecting our contemporary society.

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My Personality

My personality characterizes an individual who is result oriented and one who aspires to achieve outstanding results in challenging and dynamic environments. Results are the key determining factor of what I do. If a methodology is not delivering results, I am of the opinion that it should be discarded and another way be chosen. It does not matter for how long the process or method has been in force. Sometimes I tend to pick on other methods or put things together in whatever format but with the aim of getting results in the end. Therefore, the method at times may not work out well for me. This however does not affect my organizational skills. In whatever I do and in whichever way, definitions are clearly made and boundaries set on what should be accomplished; why, how and when. With this in mind, I am able to remain focused and be on track to make sure all resources are well managed for the realization of results from a cost-friendly effort. Therefore, while it would be important to come up with a strategy of doing things, the strategy will not always work or be effective. At this point, I am forced to think and develop other means; otherwise, all will come to a brick wall.

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My World

I come from a very dynamic society where people are ever busy and too much engrossed in what they do for a living. The society from where I come from has taught me to be independent. Independence in the community can be traced from the way people think and the way we do things. Nothing comes easy, but everything is worth every single struggle. Success and achievement must be paid for. This is what my environment has taught me. This has therefore been the best incentive for my creativity and the desire to provide solutions to problems. It has worked out for me my entire life. It has become part of me and I love doing it. This is what I fancy most. This environment has made me a creative thinker and confident communicator whose limit is not known. I have been in a situation which is a do or die one. So, whichever way, a solution must be found.  This is what the society has taught me to be; my efforts will provide for me. With this kind of experience and competence, I believe that there is much that the future holds in my life. I am determined to face it with calm confidence. 

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Most Challenging Moment

Recalling the impressions of my early life brings along alarming results. The most challenging moment of my life however was meeting the deadline of a community project which was carried out by the youth. In this project, I happened to be the coordinator. Well, another attribute that I have is doing things perfectly. Being a perfectionist meant that it was heard for me to share any of my duties. In fact, I found it quite challenging to share responsibilities.  The activities of the project were very demanding and overwhelming. At some point I did not trust the activities of the project at the hands of the members. Communal projects can be very challenging at times when it involves the participation of different parties. Being a leader in the implementation of the project was the most challenging thing in my life at this moment.

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Initially, the project was born from the members but it needed some technical know-how in handling it. Considering the nature of the project, not many members would stand up to the challenge. I took it upon me but time was running out. In the end, I had no option other than delegating some of my duties and responsibilities to complete the project with the given deadline. Therefore, these events and activities define the real me, my interests and what I am capable of doing.

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