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Students in Rural Schools

Some of the students in the rural schools are talented in one way or the other but their potentialities are hindered by the environments they study at. Mostly, people think that bright and talented students are only found in big and famous schools, leaving out potential students who can become the future leaders, academicians and scientists if their talents and potentialities are well nurtured. Because of lack of adequate money, these students could not be able to join big schools. The reason that makes these students fail to do well in their academics is that, there is no stiff competition as they are always at the top and the present learning facilities in their schools are not adequate or are of low quality.

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In future I would like to start a movement where the talented and potential students in the rural areas could be identified and their talented area recognized so that they can be assisted to excel in those areas. This movement through the donor funds will be able to support these students by helping in imparting knowledge in them so that their talents could be utilized in the development of our country. By nurturing the talents of these students, it would help our country to utilize them in the current technological advancement rather than employing experts from other countries. In the effort of identifying these students, I would use the IQ test in order to be precise. The identified students should be talented differently and needy.

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In conclusion, most gifted and talented students in the rural areas are unnoticed resulting to under utilization of their talents in the society. They need to be identified and selected in order to nurture their talents and potentialities.

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