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My name is Sandy Cheng and I have been planning and hoping to join your school of fashion way before I graduated from college. Fashion Institute of Technology has always been my school of choice and I am very excited to be on the cusp of making my dream a reality. Fashion is my passion, since I was a small boy growing around people who valued fashion and even lived it. Florence in Italy is my birth place and where I spent the better half of my life, a city full of history, art, culture, fun, and most importantly fashion, this couple with my family history became a beacon of inspiration towards the fashion world. I am a fresh graduate with an associate degree in business administration and I just graduated last summer with first class honors. My path to reach where I am has not been easy since I have had to go through some very tough times. However, through the many challenges, I have been able to set clear goals that have seen me mature and grow into a confident, tolerant, innovative, and focused individual and it is my believe that these will serve me well as I embark on my next scholastic challenge and my career choice.

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My family background revolved around fashion, my grand farther was a renowned fashion designers way back in the early 80's and my father followed suit in the same business. I was fortunate to grow around such an environment since we had several work shops and distribution stores around and outside the city of Florence. Since I was eight my father taught me the basics of sewing and making new designs. He always told me the secret to a successful business has to start with the designs; a good design will always sell. With this mindset, I grew with interest in fashion and involved myself in the family business. Unfortunately, my parents divorced when I was 15 and still in high school, this family tragedy affected me a great deal because family meant the world to me.

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In my heart I had a strong desire to continue with the family business since before my grandfather passed away, he left a stake of it under my name. The divorce however did cause a lot of dispute in the family that I had to move away with my mother and relocate to another country, the US. I have had my challenges through college since I had to work so as to supplement my college fees. My mother did not have a stable job but she toiled to see me through college. After reaching 18, I was able to access the fortune left to me by my grandfather and using some of it I have been able to open a small fashion store here in the New York. Realization of dreams comes with a lot of effort, stress, creativity and failings and through this does one achieve. I have business to expand and joining your school to major in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries is the right career move for me.

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What I bring to the table at FIT is not only my educational background and experience, but my great passion for marketing and fashion, a step further towards my self actualization. Fit will offer me the opportunity to enhance my skills and develop my intellect, analytical, and technological abilities through the integrated theories and practice. Your reputation to offer the best and rigorous innovative curriculum coupled by a faculty with outstanding academic performance and industry performance is just what I need. New York also offers an urban setting for multifaceted fashion experience and diversity in terms of fashion. I hope to incorporate all these as I gear towards the realization of an expansive business in modern fashion (FIT).

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I am proud of what I have so far accomplished to this point in my life and I see much of as a stepping stone to greater things ahead in the future of fashion business. Admission into FIT and joining the long line of ambitious and energetic pacesetters is the way to expand on what I have beyond the current level and into a wider world of opportunity (FIT).

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