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Calvin Klein

Section A

What does the brand stand for?

Calvin Klein is a fashion brand founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and headquartered in New York City with a “cK” emblem. It is the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world from women’s and men’s designer collection apparel and other range of products.

What is the brand promise?

Calvin Klein’s brand promise is to provide affordable brand under the name cK at a more affordable price. Provide luxury apparel retail market and offer moderate to high priced goods (Calvin Klein).

Who is the target market?

Although Calvin Klein brands arouse questions regarding the target market, Calvin Klein’s target market is seen as the consumer who is between the ages of 14-50 years old and desires modern fashion forward products. For the teens who want attention that will make them feel hip, defiant and rebellious. 

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What is the brand feel, in terms, of color, texture, materials, music, art, etc...?

Calvin Klein is usually known in its minimalistic style and comes in sultry and neutral colors like blacks, grays, whites and navies to keep with style. They also use color to make their advertisements recognizable usually in black and white. They got branded materials including look books, press kits and invitations. Music is generally used in commercials; the commercials have seductive music to keep the advertisements simple and straight to the point.

What does it say about me, if I am associated with this brand?

Consumers of the brand think highly of it and deem it a respectable and credible producer of useful goods and when one bears the cK brand, then their self image changes to model the name.

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Brand personality includes sincerity, ruggedness, sophistication, competence and competence.

The brand mantra for cK is the words associated with sexy, professional, classic, minimal, intimate and classic.

Section B

I cherish the idea of shopping even if window shopping every time I feel am free. Shopping makes me really very happy and my favorite shopping mall is Sawgrass Mills mall located at 12801 Sunrise Blvd in Sunrise, Florida, about 20 minutes from the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (Sawgrass Mills Mall). The store is frequented by youths and middle aged women and men. On entering the store, soft soothing classical music welcomes the customer. It took me only a few seconds to realize shopping experience at the Mall was an enjoyable idea; what with beautiful welcoming smiles from the employees. Inside the store, employees had arranged the Calvin Klein apparels reflecting the brands essence; white, grey and black reflecting the store’s minimalistic style. I then went upstairs and yes, the store believes in attracting customers living with their promise of providing affordable brand under the name cK at more affordable prices. The shirts in that floor were on a 20-50% discount. This is one store that can get some great bargains on almost everything imaginable. The experience is quiet enthralling as they have a massive stock range in product variety that will take like forever to navigate through the entire store. The layout is one that inspires most of the purchases. The top selling apparels are located closer to the front and can lure a customer pick an item randomly.

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A relaxed atmosphere is what welcomes you to the upper floors. The arrangement is done in such a way that there is a lot of space on the floor for customers to easily navigate. Every specific item is arranged in its own area; like all shirts have their specific place or floor as well as for trousers, underwear and handbags. The shopping bags were in a sultry and neural colossi think mainly to evoke brand awareness.  Calvin Klein can be said to be true to its advertising; they are sincere and honest, have genuine and authentic apparels. They can be said to advertise their products for what they are and everything with the brand and its products are very straightforward.  

Overall, this is my favorite mall and it does have good pricing and I think Calvin Klein knows how to make a fashion statement. After the shopping, one can take a break at a café just at the mall and enjoy refreshments.

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