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Rutgers University Admission Essay

For a long time, I have been fascinated by criminal justice and particularly the important role of shaping our society. Criminal justice help nation to grow and has been an area of interest to me. However, the recent rise in crime in our society has further intrigued me to pursue this career. Can crime be reduced in the future? With such questions in my mind, I am motivated to take criminal justice for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and skills in order to use them in the development and utilization of crime management. With impetus to achieve such an objective, I have noted with appreciation that I need to enroll into a University that will prepare me to be an apt law enforcer whose knowledge and skill that will bring value to the society. In search for an institution to enroll into, Rutgers University has emerged as the best option for me to take my criminal justice course. For this reason, I am seeking to be considered for the degree program at the University.

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My decision to seek enrolment at the Rutgers University has been reinforced by my academic background which makes me qualify for the program. I have had exemplary performance in subject like social ethics, history, law and others, which have enable me to acquire essential knowledge criminal justice. As a result, I am confident that my passion and zeal for the course will translate into my success once I have enrolled in the program. Additionally, the fundamental knowledge I have in criminal justice will prepare me to learn new concepts and knowledge in the course of my study not to mention the ability to grasp them in an easier way. With such a background coupled with my passion towards hard work, I am convinced that my enrollment at the Rutgers University will ultimately prepare me to realize my goal in criminal justice

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The immense contribution made by the Rutgers University towards the running of New Jersey justice system fascinates me. This is certainly one of the reasons as to why the University's degree in criminal justice would be distinguished from those being offered by other universities. I have observed with appreciation that the university has played a critical role in the driving and sustaining the New Jersey's justice system for many years. With such an a accomplishment, I believe that I will acquire sets of skills, knowledge and the right mindset essential to providing such services to the community. By taking program a degree program in criminal justice, I envision the faculty infusing into me the right knowledge to succeed in my study and at the same time graduate as an outstanding law enforcer. In such a position, I see myself being part of the university in driving criminal justice to greater heights.

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The universities commitment towards diversity is one of the reasons as to why I would like to be admitted into it. The need of having a diverse community has been well taken care of by the university seeing that it has a diverse community both the faculty and student level. With my admission into the university, I look forward to contribute to the cultural diversity through my participation in cultural fairs or any other activity aimed at promoting awareness of my culture. Having done this, I believe that the entire student community will be able to learn how to appreciate one another and at the same time be in a position to accommodate other students of diverse cultures. Such accomplishment will improve the social skills of the students within campus and in a wider context equip the learners with interaction skills necessary for any global cohesion and integration that characterize today's world.

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One of the most appealing aspects of Rutgers University is that it has a dedicated and qualified staff and faculty that has been the chief cornerstone of the universities achievement in providing outstanding service to the student's community. Knowing this compels me to seek admission into the university acknowledging that without doubt my study program will be a success. By focusing on research work in various fields, I see myself being part of the universities pursuit of developing solutions that are both practical and appropriate in addressing problems facing the community. Having to learn under a rigorous curriculum taught by qualified faculty member, I see myself a successful career person having acquired the right objectives from the degree program and ready to apply them.Through this, my contribution will greatly enrich the society but at the same time allow me to move towards my career goal. In a nutshell, I believe that the Rutgers University is but a bridge between my present and my future goal.

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Because of my interest in giving back to the community, I appreciatethe pursuits of the Rutgers University , towards offering service to the community. With the university extending distinguished service to the community since it was founded in many years ago, I am anxious to be part of it so as to contribute towards touching the lives of those who live in the community. With this in mind, I am desirous to engage myself in activity of interest that will allow me to put my skills and talents into bringing benefit to the New Jersey community as well as the entire state at large. Having done this, I am confident that the University's commitment towards improving the society around will be a success not to mention that I will be able to establish myself someone who concerned with the surrounding community. With emphasis being placed on community service, I am expecting to meet other people in the course of these events whose inspiration and experience will be of great value to my stay in the Rutgers University. In the long run, I am positive that my efforts in the community service will enhance the connection between the university and the community around it.

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With the understanding that Rutgers University has a unique and well established family made of student and parents, I am fascinated and at the same time obliged to be part of this community. Being part of this family through my admission into the university will mean a lot to me since it will present a chance of meeting thousands of students whom I can share my experiences in academics and other spheres of life with an of improving understanding within the family. With admissions resources and centers designed to benefit students, I am convinced without doubt that my study at the University will be pleasant and at the same time rewarding. In return, I will extend a hand of helot to give students and staffs and faculty members a pleasant experience too. As I wait for a favorable consideration from you, I cannot help but be anxious of becoming part of the unique family of Rutgers University.

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