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Reflections on Doctoral Studies


This essay seeks to bring out the initial contemplations that serve to lay the groundwork for higher learning and mainly focuses on doctoral studies. Doctoral learning has gone through some very wide-ranging changes, especially in the past decade. Various challenges have been brought up against this scholarly knowledge based endeavor. These issues range from submission rates, arguments about the purpose and the amount of recognized study training that contributes to the doctoral process and the development of taught doctorates (Argument, 2007). Course contemplations will include logical judgment strategies in relation to the understanding and ideas for application. The paper also brings to the fore important issues about the significance and the outcomes of doctoral learning, learner self perceptual experience and the capability of today's doctorate to give out both substantial information and craft skills.

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Foundational Reflections on Doctoral Studies

Before anything, one should be clear in their mind as to why they are getting a PhD. Unlike a masters or a bachelor's degree, the opportunities that a doctorate degree opens are very definite, making it useless for ones pursuing it with no clear aim in mind.

One should consider choosing a path or field that is really enjoyable for them, one they identify with (Argument, 2007). This is simply the case because if one is not enjoying their research work then they definitely will turn out to be uncreative and unoriginal, thus their productivity will be greatly hampered. One also needs to watchfully choose the institution and their course supervisor.

There is always room for whoever who has the desire to excel in doctoral studies as much as it is very competitive. One needs to be among the best for them to land the best jobs later on. Anything other than total commitment and dedication will not get anywhere (Dale, 1969). If one does not have a passion for academic work then they would rather be elsewhere than in university in the pretext of pursuing their doctorate.

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One should have it in mind that learning never stops. Those getting into the doctorate field also need to realize that they by themselves are answerable to their careers. One needs to find a good guide to take him/her through the course. The guide does not essentially mean an outstanding man or woman of science.

A doctoral student needs to know that he or she needs to acquire other skills that are essential in life. These include communication skills, people management know-how and general entrepreneurship and business skills (Dale, 1969). One does not need to entirely focus on their PhD and keep the outside world and other influences at bay. There is a lot that one can learn other than the PhD they are pursuing. The idea here is for one to acquire as much varied experiences as they can minus jeopardizing their doctorate and personal life. These exceptional experiences that one undergoes help in wrapping a comprehensive study in the end.

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There comes a time when the doctoral student is required to decide on an area of expertise. Before doing so, one should make sure that he/she fully understands the potential field projections associated with that specialty (Brookfield, 1987). Therefore it is important that one gets a PhD for what they want to do; there are so many PhDs and very limited jobs where it is required.

Doctoral students need to make as much publications as they can during their course. Such materials increase an individual's competitive edge both in the job market and in the academic field.

A learner should not expect touchable rewards for their good work every now and then as they study. Fulfillment for one's hard work is mainly scholarly and not monetary or material. Nevertheless, awards by well-wishers for exceptional work should be humbly accepted (Brookfield, 1987).

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An individual ready to enter the doctoral study field must be ready to take substantial time writing academic and research proposals. Multi-tasking is essential here and it needs to be accompanied by the skills earlier mentioned which are communication, writing and presentation skills.

Research done in any doctoral field should be critiqued on how it can build up to viable policy decisions for society (Brookfield, 1987). Any research carried out should be geared toward solving a given problem either in academics or in society in general. Research should also be aimed at adding up to already existing way of doing things.


A doctorate is an academic/professional degree which qualifies one to not only teach but do all that pertains to that specialty. Doctoral studies are exciting and fantastic and should be enjoyed by those going through the courses. Academics are vital members of the society as they yield research results which are really needed in today's ever developing world. Nevertheless, while at it, researchers should know how to balance between their work and life outside the academic line.

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Anyone willing to pursue a doctorate degree should first know what they really want and then do it with all their heart. Therefore, one should choose what they are passionate about.

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