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Elements of Cinema

Cinema refers to a story that is conveyed to the audiences inform of a video which contains images in motion. It is usually developed by recording of photographic images by use of cameras, use of visual effects or developing images by using animation techniques (Stefan, 1982). There are three basic types of cinema namely; documentary cinema, narrative cinema and absolute cinema. A cinema should contain various elements.

The Separation element ensures there is fragmentation of scenes into single images which are in alteration. It is able to bring out two characters together that are in separate shots and by doing so this technique is able to place the viewer as the third character in an incident therefore able to capture their attention emotionally and intellectually. Application of the parallel action element in a cinema which is created by cross cutting of two or more scenes which are running simultaneously and presenting them alternatively gives a viewer an illusion of presence in all the situations (Stefan, 1982).. The cross cutting of scenes can also be used to develop suspense among viewers, release tension as they follow the cinema and also enabling them to relax. Additionally it favors the film maker by extending or condensing time and it also creates screen time.

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The element of slow disclosure is very vital in any cinema. This involves gradual introduction of pictorial information in shots which can either be master shot, long shot, close up shot, establishing shot bridging shot or two shot (Stefan, 1982). These can be organized in such a manner that a type of shot that comes first does not reveal location of the cinema at first, and then it can be followed by a full revelation of the subject thus surprising the audience. There should be an element of use of a familiar image that periodically appears without variation such as an object, landscape or activity at some points within the shots. Its importance is that it helps in creating a visual abstract thought for instance while bridging to a new action in the cinema thus retaining the meaning to the viewers as the cinema continues. It also brings about structural rhythm as the shots join together and juxtapose with cinematic images.

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The element of moving the camera is very critical because it ensures capturing and recording of all movements by the actors. It can be mounted on a crane, dolly or stead cam in order to capture actions on different locations and also when disclosing visual information. A camera therefore is a major tool of dependency by the filmmakers used to elaborate and explain their cinematic ideas. A cinema should contain the multi angularity element that shows series of shots that are at contrasting levels/angles so as to bring a flowing magnitude to the cinema. This helps a film maker to get ideas as to how the final production will appear on the screen. Finally the element of orchestration, this ensures there is momentum flow of cinematic shots and chains according to their arrangement and they are interdependent on each other to ensure there continuum of the cinematic the story line. Orchestration also serves the purpose for presenting basic iconography of the cinema so as to acquaint viewers with the cinesthetic method.

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The Crowd Cinema

The cinema by Holy wood called “The Crowd” is a towering example of a cinema production that has used some major elements of a cinema. It was produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios and directed by King Vidor (Bordwell,  1985). The cinema follows the story line of John Sims who the cinema tends to bring out his rise and fall. Actually Sims never rose but through use of Separation element in it we see him progressing in life whereby he gets a job, marries Mary and they get children. This cinema so far has captured the audience attention, and concentration. Only later his wife gets complications, one of his child dies and John quits job, the element of parallel action now helps in capturing the viewer’s emotions and leaves them in a suspense waiting for his next action.

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John Sims has got a role to play in the family yet he doesn’t have a job, he is offered one by the wife’s brother but he turns it down. The film maker here wants to apply the element of slow disclosure as he doesn’t quickly reveal to the audience what John has to do next, only to surprise them later that he got a new job in town. This element also serves the purpose of advancing the story especially when the filmmaker shifts shots in the motion pictures by allowing one shot to fade out while the forthcomings ones appears from behind when dimmer and grows progressively. In the story, the element of moving the camera is quite evident whereby there is use of camera dollies for filming movement especially where John has to tarmac in town looking for a job. The dolly carries both the camera and the filming crew.

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Additionally as the cinema ends the camera shows a very large theater of audience laughing. The elements for this cinema are stylistically combined so as to bring out the theme clearly. Any changes that can be applied to the film should focus on improvement and production growth. These elements can be such as montage sequencing, of story causality and motivation, depth cues among others which can a great stylistic blueprint for the film production (Film Indexes Online 2004).

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