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Ethical Dilemma Analysis Paper

We live in the 21st century, and this time is extremely overfilled with various technologies and different inventions. Nowadays many people live in the densely populated cities and their lifestyle is quite active. Moreover, those people who are really concerned of their future and of their career usually have an active lifestyle and try to plan everything in advance and have a fixed timetable. In order to be successful in business, people should be able to adapt to different conditions and circumstances. It is important to remember that such a fast rhythm of life in big cities has its own demands and requirements. For instance, having a car can serve as a solution for constant delays and terrible lack of time. Obtaining a car can provide an individual with a great range of benefits and opportunities to reach success. However, except the general road laws and traffic rules, every driver should remember about the ethical and legal aspect of this issue.

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A good driver is characterized not only by observation of road rules, but also by attention and dealing with various distracting factors. According to the statistical analysis the most harmful factors include cell phone conversations, texting, eating and listening to very loud music while driving (Strayer, 2010). However, the use of cell phones turns out to be the most widespread and negative one.

Using cell phones is often an obligatory necessity because of some urgent business decisions or personal affairs. Moreover, some people have to spend much time in the road due to their profession and optimizing your time in such conditions is the main task. Using cell phone while driving can seem to be absolutely safe and innocent. Nowadays, it is absolutely difficult to imagine our life without phones. Almost everybody has his personal phone, and it seems to be impossible to live in the contemporary society without using the cell phones in order to cope with certain problems and everyday difficulties. According to some of the magazines, especially for drivers, about 85 percent of people regularly talk on the phone every day. If to imagine that more than a half of these people have cars then there is no difficulty in evaluating the risk to get in a car accident for such drivers (Horwitt, 2009).

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However, nowadays more and more people claim that talking on the phone while driving can lead to serious problems and terrible consequences. The process of communication serves as a certain distraction of our attention, and results in inability to react and respond even to the most typical road hazards. In some countries using cell phones while driving is prohibited, and special laws and regulations are created in order to control this aspect or apply fines, in case of violation. The attitude to the use of cell phones is quite negative in the majority of countries and the reasons for this are quite understandable. First of all, every driver should remember that attention must focus on the road as every careless action has a negative impact on all the passengers in the vehicle. Moreover, careless behavior of the drive can be caused by other vehicles on the road or inattentive pedestrians. Putting somebody else in danger goes beyond all the legal issues, ethics, and morals. There is an opinion that such processes as talking on the phone and chatting with the passengers have much in common, however, driver’s attention is distracted in both cases. Conversations devoted to some important matter, such as relationships or etc. are the most likely factors to cause accidents as a result of inattentiveness. It is recommended to discuss all the important questions separately and in some other place different from the car. When a person is talking on the phone, the mind is almost totally distracted and the driver may be not very careful and miss some of the road signs or other important objects. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, it was stated that those drivers who are often using cell phones are more likely to get in a car accident then those drivers, who do not use cell phones while driving (Rutgers University, 2009).

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Luckily, we are living in the world of the latest and most efficient technologies, and many companies are trying to invent appliances and gadgets that can help every driver to use the phone without any inconveniences. For instance, many people nowadays choose built-in phones, the headsets, and also the speaker phones. All these inventions can significantly help to improve driver’s attention and carefulness and perform hands-free mobile phone calls. Hands-free system allows the driver to keep his hands finally on the steering wheel when he is talking on a cell phone in the traffic. However, even if the driver's hands are not involved, the question remains, how safe is tracking information on the display in motion. Each of us in our life has probably more than once convinced that the telephone conversation is not conducive to concentration. According to the research that was conducted in Europe and Japan, the driver's reaction time, talking on the phone, doubles and risk of being in a crash increases from four to nine times, however, not only the phone is dangerous in a car. According to the Head of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology, the Belarusian State Medical University, Alexander Stozharova, electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones adversely affects the brain of the driver and the pineal gland, which is responsible for waking a person during the day and the rest at night (Redelmeier & Tibshirani, 2009). The transmission of information can cause a kind of resonance, which results in an excessive excitation of the nerve cells. Hence people quickly get tired, they cannot concentrate and feel unwell. In the car, these symptoms may intensify a lot.

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Scientists and many other people are constantly organizing some examinations. For instance, Professor Ira Hyman from the Western Washington University has proven that using a mobile phone distracts students from the course repetition. Due to the experiment, students were obliged to cross the area on campus and a great number of students crossed the campus directly and in a fast way as compared to those who were going in zigzags and chatting on the phone. From this experiment, it is quite easy to understand that if the cell phone is so much distracting, even for a general pedestrian, then what should be said about the driver? According to the recent study by one of the organizations in the USA, it was found out that prohibiting talking on the cell phones while driving is quite useless. Accident statistics from rarely change a lot. Many studies have already taken a hostile reception of this issue (Redelmeier & Tibshirani, 2009). However, it is still really important to have some phone in your car in order to be used in some unexpected and urgent cases, and in case there would be some serious emergency calls from mobile phones in the event of an accident. If you are really concerned about your health and your life, and if you do not want to put your friends, relatives and all the other passengers in danger then avoid talking on the phone while driving and use it only in the most urgent cases.

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