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John Maynard Keynes Predictions

In the current society, the time spent for working has not changed, which is contrary to Keynes’ predictions. Due to the fact that there is imbalance in the distribution of wealth and variation in the value attached to wealth, it is realized that most people still put more effort to foster economic progress. The geographical distribution influences most of the reasons why people input their knowledge and skills into the growth and development of the economy. Analytically, the human characteristic of being insatiable plays a major role towards the effort and dedication made in the fight for a better economic situation. The learning and training process that individuals undergo force some people to look for means of making their knowledge applicable and relevant to the current generation.

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Keynes clearly explains that the important needs that suit an individual in the current society are wealth and leisure. With the investments and efforts put towards the economic prosperity today by our predecessors, the current generation is left with the choice on either how to seek for more wealth or spent the existing one. These ideologies mentioned by Keynes are not correct since they do depict the reality as seen from different perspectives such as the social, economical and political. In trying to present the trend of the current generation, Keynes focuses mainly on the wealthy individuals who seek to achieve self-actualisation and meet their self- esteem through success in their endeavours. Nevertheless, the fight for economic bliss is a continuous process and infinite unlike the manner in which Keynes presents it as having been reached in most European countries and the United States.

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Most rich people, both the young and the retirees, spent time for leisure activities. Due to their financial status, they prefer to have fun and enjoy themselves because of the lack of proper incentives to work. This is propagated by the fact that the major incentive for working is money, which they already feel they are well endowed. In my opinion, this culture facilitated by the financial status is contrary to the core reason for existence. Despite the fact that some people are financially stable, they should use their wealth and time doing constructive things to facilitate the attainment of economic bliss during their time of existence.

In the event that I had a well paying job that allowed me to work for 15 hours a week, I would explore leisure in a constructive manner. Since my hobbies and interests are numerous, I would use my free time to explore to the extreme end and later contribute back to the society appropriately. During this time, it will also be ideal for me to look for means in which l can evaluate myself in terms of career perspective. My main interest would be to gain sufficient knowledge in my career to be able to conduct researches in unknown areas.

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Keynes predictions of the possibility of working for 15-20 hours in a week are real and achievable in our current society. Due to the massive effort put into the technological inventions, it is possible to reduce the labour effort and time immensely by the use of effective systems and machinery. As a result, people would have sufficient time to concentrate on their interests and preferences. Furthermore, this would create humble time for the search of new inventions and economic progress. More importantly, the time would be lucrative for people to enjoy and avoid the psychological disturbances. This option is realistic and achievable if there is a right and definite attitude towards the realisation of economic delight. Finally, avarice and usury should be avoided to realise this objective.

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