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Employment Aspects

Employment aspects are subjected to federal, national and local rules and regulations. This is to provide an equal opportunity to all employees whether those on minimum wages, overtime or leave. These regulations are also applied differently depending on the employee’s occupation, working condition and age while providing certain benefits. Even though several employees in different companies have better working conditions, there has been a long history of unsafe and unfair work places. This was made possible by laws that were aimed at protecting employees, especially in those occupations that have a higher risk of death or contracting infections. Equity legislation and fairness laws were also emphasized to stop discrimination of a particular individual or group.

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Purpose Statement

Due to the growth of the firm, there is integration of employees from different parts of the world; therefore, it is necessary to comply with the United States employment regulations and to reinforce zero tolerance policy for harassment. This paper will try to provide a general understanding of the effects of changes resulting from this growth. The study will emphasize wage and salary legislation, harassment, safety, OSHA employment regulations and laws.

Description of the Subject

The managers mostly perceive employment regulations and laws as an intrusion into a workplace. This is because they do protect employees. They also give guidelines on hiring, promotions and firing of persons through involvement of paperwork. These fairness laws are in place due to an extensive history of wrong doings in companies. There are different agencies that reinforce this employment act. They include: the United States Department of Labor, which is accountable for enforcing and administering of the federal laws which apply to the working conditions and employment on the whole: the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) of the federal government, which enforces and regulates well-being issues associated with workplace; the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which focuses on education and research to prevent injuries as well as deaths in the workplace; the state labor agencies which administer and enforce different labor laws; city as well as county agencies; and the Labor Relations Agency’s employment legislation.

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The Labor Relations Agency’s employment legislation has two major categories: the primary legislation and the secondary legislation. The Primary legislation includes a list of employment Acts that apply to Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and Orders in Council. Secondary legislation includes a list of Statutory Rules that provide for Ministers to detail Orders, Rules or Regulations drafted by the legal office of the concerned Government Department and Employment Department. These Secondary legislation rules provide more details on the Primary Legislation. The OSH (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Act extends to employers and their employees in the federal government jurisdiction. It does not cover the self-employed persons, farms employing immediate family members of the farmer, and working conditions regulated by other federal agencies, such as those employed in mines, nuclear weapons and nuclear energy manufacture, and some transportation industries, and employees of State and local governments with no OSHA-approved safety and health programs.

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Depending on the industry and the state, and also the employee level, various regulations control the environment of a workplace. The regulations may be rather general or specified as to when an employee has to take a rest, meal breaks and overtime. Most managers think that they have much flexibility in regulating the work conditions of their employees, forgetting that the employees are human beings and there is a limit to which they can work.

Chronology of the Case Study

When analyzing the harassment level in the companies, we find that most individuals from different countries fall victims to it. They work for too many hours with lesser pays since they do not have someone to stand for them. The wage and salary payments are also lower as compared to the natives. The employment criteria are also quite questionable, since not all the job seekers are given an opportunity. The ones from the mother state have an upper hand in securing employment. The foreign personnel have to have very high qualifications to secure a job of a lower income.

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Due to frequent cases of sexual harassment in the workplace, an Act was enacted to sue individuals who are involved in it (1970). There was an accusation of this kind of harassment made by Hill F. Anita against Thomas Clarence in the Supreme Court of Justice during confirmation hearings that raised societal consciousness on the issue (1991). This shows that more has to be done to curb this form of violation


The experiences in the company suggest that reinforcement of the employment regulation Act will positively affect the productivity of the company and increase interest of international personnel in investing in the company.

Lessons Learned

From the reinforcement of the Civil Rights Act (1964) and other employment Acts, employees will be aware that they can sue and be sued in case of any harassment or violation of their rights at work.

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It is important to understand that skills from all over the world are important to a company and should not be discriminated. Self-respect is also an aspect that enables individuals to avoid harassing each other on whatever basis. To the managers, as much as productivity is an important issue in the company, the welfare of their employees should be rated first. The recruitment procedure should also be transparent to ensure that the personnel with correct qualifications get hired irrespective of their origin.

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