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Road to Success in Career

Enthusiasm, Goals, and Patience are the key success in career that applies universally. Enthusiasm reflects fundamentally the practical manifestation of love, thankfulness, and pride over an existing job. All pathologies such as worry, ungratefulness, and self-humility that frequently distract psychological comfort and focus should not be allowed to control our minds while showing personal commitment to carrying the responsibility instead. (, 2006). To be enthusiastic, we have to develop positive thinking and attitude. Things are not as bad as they seem to be. Let’s count our blessing from every single occurrence, while deleting any personal worry which is 4 percent it comes true based a research finding. Enthusiasm will bring us to do the best we can afford to do for the own sake of works and our own fortune. No body denies that the best performance of work is always in demand and contributes to achieve satisfaction feeling for everyone. Quoting from Churchill, “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. (, 2009).

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Goal is the destined place and condition to where we would like to pursue a success through hardship and determination of endeavors. Goal is an ending start as Steven Covey said. (Covey, 2006) Having a goal in career is having like a motorbike whereby we can become much better and much better than we are at the moment. We recognize the final end it should be and thereby we know whether our track is on the right direction or otherwise. SMART goal of career, in which Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-Focused, and Time-Bound are concerned, helps define the right way beside the traffic of life that we possess.

Specific goal means definite achievement, not outcome, we want to turn up. Measurability reflects objective form of conditions to achieve, while Achievable goal reveals personal honesty by which individuals could build self-esteem and confidence and that would never harm oneself as well. Result-Focused and Time-Bound goals setting outline the way we carry out the commitment and persistence without any ill-defined manner. Whether small or big, goal is always the same in any forms of it. None of goals is embarrassing since we are our own career builder and leader as well. Said Toynbee,”The value of goal lies in the goal itself; and therefore the goal cannot be attained unless it is pursued for its own sake”. (Toynbee, Wikipedia, 1961,)

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Patience is always valuable since there is nothing in career that will come overnight. As the companion of wisdom, patience guides individuals with determination and endurance to revive. (Calhoun in Wikiquote, 2009) While patience supports any self-weaknesses, doing otherwise will be the ruin of strength. As a success in career might be a matter of luck, patience is the only weapon to survive while learning from the existing failures. Franklin suggested,” He that can have patience can have what he will”. (Franklin, 1736) Patience never implies any admission of defeat before and after the battle to success. It is merely an art of hoping itself toward a better move with an exact deed that will fruit an achievement. The more the patience is, the bigger the diligence will be. Fear not. A chance is neither once nor twice, but it comes repeatedly along every single pace of our life. If we could have a little patience, we would reap more success than what our human force can do.

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Enthusiasm, Goal, and Patience are the keywords of success in career regardless any positions we currently hold. Enthusiasm will be an armament by which we perform the responsibility at its best, while a goal is the place to which no-giving in efforts are forwarded. Patience as the companion of wisdom and art of hoping on the road to success in career will play a role to live up personal faith and optimism. Let’s pave our road to success in career!

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