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Narrative Essay

There are always people who are frustrated from their lives and require a change. But due to their obligations in the current circumstances they are unable to do so. Some who change eventually become a source of inspiration for others. A change like this happened to one of my friend who was addicted to various drugs and had been unable to get out of this abuse for a long time. Even though he tried number of times but the situation and the company of his friends didn’t allow him to finally take over this condition. But whatever happened he kept on trying.

When a person is under such a tension problem, nothing seems right. The decision making becomes so illogical that everything person commits bears wrong results. This was the case with my friend. During his time as an addict he had to lose his job as he was consistently unable to find the composure to work. His family was consistently under pressure because they have started to move into a financial crisis. They were very rich sometime ago, but not anymore. My friend was married and had two children as well. His wife also left him because of his behavior. The inspiration and motivation was lacking in my friend that could finally make him normal again. One good thing about him was that he consistently was present in the psychiatrist sessions at the hospital. By becoming a part of these sessions he was able to distinguish between good and evil eventually. I day I found him crying under the tree just away from his home and found out that he was broke as hell and had nothing to lose now but everything to gain. I tried to soothe him by stating some quotations of the successful people in the world which made him realize that if he loses hope, then there is no need for his survival.

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This was the last time I saw him crying. After that he suddenly become motivated and took extra care in eradicating his habits. He left his bad company and become spiritual in his approach. He brought back his family which he finally stated was the only thing that made him to change, the change because of his children and wife who were nothing without him. He started to work again and was never short of his words trying to elaborate the biggest change in his life. Today he is a motivational speaker in the regional colleges and tries to transfer his approach of his toughest times to the young ones so that they can better live their lives.

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