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            It is difficult to deny the role, which manual dexterity (or human ability to make coordinated movements) plays for the development of the major professional skills. In my opinion, everything starts with simpler tasks, and whatever we attempt to do in the course of daily performance is inevitably reflected in the way we fulfill our workplace obligations. A person may use a variety of opportunities to train and develop manual dexterity skills, and for me cross-stitching and sewing have become the two essential elements of my personal evolution. Cross-stitching is something that has taught me patience, while sewing led to me to realize the importance of manual coordination. Beyond these activities, I am fascinated by cooking. It should note that cooking Korean food requires a great deal of dexterity and coordination. For example, making Korean sushi rolls is impossible without strong motor skills. The way my fingers and hands work during the process of cooking also predetermines the success of my individual cooking attempts.

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            Manual dexterity is equally valuable in professional activity. In the process of my research and education I gradually came to realize the value of hand coordination. When engaged in the study of praziquantel and its impact on snail parasitism, I had to be cautious with snail shells. In other words, my research required cracking snail shells, which had to be done very cautiously. When trying to examine the impact the drug produced on snails, we had to guarantee that the snails’ body remained undamaged. This, however, was not possible without a great deal of attention toward the amount of power we used when cracking the shells. The more power we applied to crack the shell, the more likely we were to damage the snail. We also had to use microscopes to investigate the direct impact on the drug on snails; at this point, hand coordination had to be wisely balanced with excellent eye coordination, to make sure that the results of the test were measurable and comprehensible. In general, manual dexterity is one of the central human skills, which makes it real to complete even the most difficult tasks.    

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