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Leadership Style Analysis

Leadership style is basically the string of gestures that provides motivation, the right direction and the implementation of the plans for the best interest according to different situations that arise from time to time. Leadership on the other hand as described by Chemers (2002) is the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

Another definition put forward by Alan Keith (2007) is that Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. The leadership styles are very influential in the practical phase of anything. Organizations and communities are always ready to follow those who show effective interpersonal skills that could be used to shape up the future of others.

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There are various leadership styles and it is has been observed that all good leaders have been able to use all these styles finally allowing one style to dominate in their personality. Bad leaders on the other hand focus on only one style which allows them to become predictable and useless in certain conditions. Recently in the academics, the importance of leadership styles has gain importance because of the impact that has been observed by those leaders they have on the people (Murphy & Alexander, 2005). Leadership styles are based on the certain pattern of belief and preferences from the individuals and can be very unique as well.

Sometimes it is said that the leaders are born and sometimes that leaders are made. Both preferences are correct in their related perceptions. For leaders to be made, the successive and continuous processes are required as for example we can observe this in the army where the soldiers are treated in such a way to conquer the situations because of the confidence and their self beliefs (Spillane et al, 2004). They are taught to handle the situations which don’t come under any influence of emotions.

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In the educational system all around the world, there is a need to enhance the whole system. There are different types of students having different skills and capabilities and thus it becomes important to make them that strong which could enable them to sustain pressures at any given situation (Murphy & Alexander, 2005).

The importance of leadership in classrooms totally depends upon how the teacher or instructor perceives his students. It is impossible to get good results when the teacher doesn’t have any leadership background or ability to dictate terms on goodwill. It is often observed that the teachers are lowly self motivated and just perform their duties in front of the students without any conviction in their lectures. This is where it comes up as a disaster where students don’t have enough things to learn. The curriculum is designed according to the level of the student in each grade but schools must provide a specific environment where they can learn different realities of life and tend to work best in pressures. If the schools were there to only provide the classroom lectures, then we have seen enough people who have been scientists and leaders without going to school as well. If this is the situation then why bother schooling? This has been in the research for so many years now on how to accelerate the whole education system which could be beneficial to all the students in their curriculum and extra curriculum. Because of all these things happening around so quickly, the schools and the state administration departments are working efficiently to increase the level of their teaching staff. It is however, reality that these kinds of skills cannot be expected to turn into someone’s personality overtime, but certain steps can be taken to not to allow the situation to become worse (Van et al, 2007). Various training sessions are now often for the teaching staffs that make them appropriate to have a basic to experienced knowledge to shape their careers and skills and to increase the level of self motivation in them. With these skills in them, it becomes easy for the teachers to handle the students in a better way and ultimately allowing their students to learn more things apart from their curriculum.

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There are various styles of leadership that can be used in the educational system. As teachers are the most responsible persons for the future of their students, they must approach things rather maturely and eloquently. The most important characteristic of any leader is the self confidence which not only motivates him but also the students (Musser, 1987). Being a leader means so much for the following. Whether the person is a leader in the office or any other place like in military, the leadership component is never full without the knowledge. The leaders are leaders because they have been through certain situations and clearly know about their abilities and the required result. Thus they have all the information and knowledge which they had gained from their experience to make certain decisions at present times (Hersey et al, 2008). It is therefore is the ultimate thing that the leader must have the knowledge which he transfers to his following from time to time.

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The leadership style can be the source of inspiration. There are various styles which can be followed by a teacher according to the circumstances. It is important for the teacher to perceive the situation clearly based on his knowledge and experience and defines the path for those who want better results (Musser, 1987). In this way, the style becomes very important. By style it means the action or reaction and the way to convey the orders. One kind of the leadership style is known as the authoritarian or autocratic. On a broader perspective it can be assumed that this leadership style is based on the power someone may have which makes him responsible and allow him to dictate his terms and conditions on the followers (Hersey et al, 2008). As stated before, the military is filled with the authoritarians from bottom to top where everyone has responsibility and in order to complete the responsibility they are allowed to dictate their terms. It is left on the leader how he copes up with the situation but the results are what that have to be provided. Similar may be the situation of the principle of the school that is the head of administration and has the power to alter everything to his discretion. This leadership style is less cooperative but can lead to certain benefits all around.

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Various leaders using this leadership style have been successful in whatever their main objective was. The education should not be based on this kind of leadership style. Though teachers should be able to implement this kind of style but on the whole teacher should have flexible approach which should allow her to change her behavior and stance accordingly (Woolfolk & Hoy, 2008). This is very important because of the students from different backgrounds and cultures and therefore they may require extra attention as well. The teacher should be able to understand their needs and should act accordingly (Murphy & Alexander, 2005).

Another leadership style is the charismatic leadership style. The leaders who have certain abilities and capabilities to rule the world by different ways is often the charismatic leaders and role models as well (House, 1971). Charismatic leaders create such a calm effect on the followers that make the situation easier for the whole group. These leaders are highly motivated and it seems that their every decision is something that will lead to success. Richard Brenson of Virgin Group is considered as the most influential and creative leader who has the charismatic personality that has led to the empire of Virgin which it is now. This style of leadership is the most suitable for the teachers. We have seen various professors such as Dr. Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind who definitely had certain problems with his life and inner evils but what he did in his life is something very special. His students felt honored as he taught them. His personality and calm effect on the audience provided a great example of what a teacher should be. He had knowledge, he had guts, and he had all the interpersonal skills that he could transfer to his students. But this style needs lot of work. All teachers can’t be like this as it requires the whole life experience and the will to do something very special. This is something that no one can achieve easily. The respect from peers and from the students is in the end ultimate desire of an instructor.

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The participative leadership style requires the involvement of the followers in the decision making problems. The critics believe that the participative leadership style is the most effective when it comes to an organization where the organizational structure doesn’t require these kinds of gestures by the managers and leaders (House, 1971). Simply involving the employees put a positive effect on the whole group and the employees feel oblige to work more hard with dedication (House, 1971). This should also be implemented in the classrooms. The importance of this action makes the students feel that they are important and their participation means something for someone. This makes the environment of the classroom friendlier and result oriented and can provide good results with students gaining self confidence and gaining experience from their decisions which might or might work accordingly (Murphy & Alexander, 2005). The teacher must show interest in all these activities and should guide the students through the whole procedure. The teacher must state the good and bad of all the actions and ultimately allowing the students themselves to make the decision. The participative leadership style in the classroom can provide the required results of success and will allow building a stronger relationship between both teacher and students. The living example of the participative style in the biggest internet entity of the world know as Google which has invented and implemented creativity in their whole organizational culture where all the people are somehow connected to each other and influence the decision in one way or the other. That is why we have been able to observe various changes in their ways to approach different problems. So implementing this kind of leadership style from the teacher will be very effective or the whole education career of the student.

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Transformational leadership allows the teacher to enhance himself personally. This allows the teacher to critique himself on his ways of treating thing. With the successful implementation of the transformational leadership, the teacher can become a role model in a very effective strength for the students (Woolfolk & Hoy, 2008). This leadership allows for the building of a vision of greater power and success for himself and then for his followers. This leadership style allows teacher to provide the aims and objectives to the followers allowing their inner feelings to come out and take charge of the situations. This leadership style not only create enthusiasm and energy in the students but also allow them to consistently pertain themselves to critical situations where they could become proactive in making successful decisions in their future according to their desires which they like to achieve in their lives (Woolfolk & Hoy, 2008). The teacher must acknowledge a more expressive way to convey his vision to his students. The vision must be like a role model with no complexities and full of flexibilities that could allow students to think critically and take better decisions. The transformational leadership style motivates the students to do something extra special in their lives. This style makes them to think in a positive manner and makes them feel energized with their internal powers coming out. The consistency of the students can become a great problem, but it can only be achieved from the motivation.

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The motivation of success and better future can be one thing and believing in oneself and getting to achieve to proof something for him is another (Miner, 2005). The teacher must play a vital role in defining the lives of the students and therefore should act as a consistent mentor all the way through the students’ educational career. Educational career is full of challenges and experiences and if a good teacher can become a good leader then he could easily transfer the knowledge and experience to his students that will ultimately allow them to conquer the world (Woolfolk & Hoy, 2008). We have been seeing things in the past on how the teachers of some leaders took initiative in defining the future of not only their students but also for the whole world. Providing education through leadership can make other leaders from those students as well and will help in shaping the future of the mankind in a better way.











It is important for the teachers to first outline their strategy in completing their task. The teachers must envision things broadly. The main objective of the teacher must be to expect the best from the students. The teacher must propel his student like his employees to some extent and must acknowledge this analogy to the students as well. The teacher at this stage must dictate his terms and conditions as it will make the students feel that they are up to something. Expecting the best not only creates the following to work better it even also broadens the mental structure of the leader. The teacher should be positive in his approach. He must excel his knowledge and experience to posture for success. He should exhibit his rank and power and command attention in the classroom as these are all the characteristics of the leader and their exhibition is the only means to get required results.

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It is sometimes seen that the teachers take negative response of their rank and their qualities. The teachers must acknowledge that leadership skills and styles more like a verb rather than adjective i.e. behavior rather than quality so if its exhibition is limited then he is not opting for the benefits which he must achieve to fulfill his duty (Miner, 2005). It will be good to show the qualities regardless of the audience and the situation and transform himself accordingly. The teachers must accept that planning is very important in every aspect. Rather this case is with any other professional, the planning can provide the creative analysis of all the things and can provide better results with the allowed flexibility in the decisions. So pertaining to the rules and regulations and following principals is very important for the teachers and this should be shown towards the class audience. Teacher is the spiritual father of the students and therefore must lead students on their way to success.

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On the whole, it can be easily said that the leadership and the leadership style can effectively change the fortune of all the students. The thing is that the teachers must exhibit what they have in a better manner. They must start by setting an example and in this way they can make the education much more entertaining and fruitful.

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