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Business Plan

Organic food web based business

Butte, is a city in Montana in the United States with a population of 33, 892. Until the year 1960, it was the largest city in Montana in Western Mississippi. The importance of the city and the large population warrants that the introduction of organic food be considered as they offer a lasting solution towards the good health of the people (Ansoff, 2007). One of the potential players in this field is the "Thrive-A-Health Food Store" that has its major dealings in the field of organic foods.

Mission Statement

Thrive-A-Health Food Store has the determination of changing the manner in which the perceptions of the people are framed with regard to organic products, washing off the past image held by the people. The goal of Thrive-A-Health Food Store lies behind the dissemination of information meant at public education with regard to the benefits associated with the use of organic products and at the same time promoting a sustainable living characterized by organic lifestyle (Martin, 2007).

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Thrive-A-Health Food Store is for the idea that the concept of minimal fundamental changes with regard to the choices that people are exposed to has a significant implication on the health of the families in the future on a global perspective.

The vision of Thrive-A-Health Food Store is saving the farming culture of the family with the introduction of organic farming coupled with the distribution of organic food of the highest possible quality to the community.

Background information

The production of organic food has its foundation on animal, seeds or plant growths that are destined for harvesting. The " United States Department of Agriculture", USDA, is the body behind the setting out of the guidelines for the growth as well as care for the organic products with the initiation of the "National Organic Program" NOP.  Any body that wishes to acquire a certification to become organic is required to comply with all the requirements as set out by NOP. 

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The basic requirement is raising of any organic product without application of any herbicide, any form of synthetic fertilizer or any form of pesticide. Any treatment of the post harvest commodity with the use of chemicals is also prohibited under organic farming. For the case of animals meat and milk must never be treated with the use of synthetic hormones or any antibiotics. Ingestion of any form of genetically modified organism at the time of growth is also prohibited and the products must have a certification of being organic.

The farms that are put under the production of organic products must also undergo a process of certification which occurs after a period of three years since they ceased using conventional methods and adopted organic practices. It is therefore not possible for the farm to alternate from organic to inorganic at will and they should adhere to the cleansing rule.

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Organic food web based business is an organic enterprise whose aim is to be different and provide a better service than our competitors by producing healthy organic products. Organic food web based business design aim to be different to our competitors but stick to a contemporary and fun theme.


            The major objectives of Organic food web based business during the initial 3 years of its activities include:

  • Establishing of a sustainable business that serves the needs of clients and aims to grow bigger every year thus creating jobs.
  • Utilize the great opportunity of attracting more clients by word of mouth passed on through the clients. Organic food web based business will use school going children since they provide the best means for spreading the word about an available service and by using this strategy achieve bigger annual growth.
  • To become a healthy food product that provides great services youthful customers.
  • To become a food product of choice for the youth of nation, companies and business people.
  • Delivering organic products to clients which make it unique.

Organic food web based business healthy food product is confident based on:

  • The quality of our product
  • The retail skills of our team
  • Our competitive pricing strategy
  • The busy locations where we are planning to trade from, and
  • The clear high demand for this type of product

This way the product will  achieve the required breakeven level of sales in Organic food, and that the business will start to show a healthy profit from year one (Courtney,  Kirkland,  Viguerie, 2000). 

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Success Factors

Marketing targeted to brand consistency, healthier menu selections, low start-up costs, franchisee support and consumer convenience will contribute to the success factors of Organic food web based business food products. 


Organic food web based business is a provider of. The services Organic food web based business offer includes the provision of healthy organic products. The services are offered both to walk in clients and to those on appointments.

Market Analysis Summary

Organic food web based business targets the entire community. Healthy products are offered to the society intended at improving the quality of life and a loner lifespan.

Competitive Edge

Organic food web based business realizes that the segment it plans to draw its clientele from is a demanding segment and requires high standards of consumer care. Organic food web based business realizes that the task that lies ahead is a hard one because of the segment it targets and it is going to take a lot of hard work to make it. Organic food web based business will stand out from our competitors because they will become a place that appeals to the all for its unique approach to the business.  

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Marketing Strategy

Organic food web based business will be marketed as an organic food web based business that caters for the organic food needs. This requires to be implemented by advertising in the newspapers (Møller, 2002), and personal selling to the visitors of the shopping centre. Organic food web based business will also lure the entire population we target by having promotions in our establishment. Organic food web based business will also discount the rates of our services to the people who refer their friends to our shop.

Sales Strategy

Organic food web based business will strive to establish a cordial affiliation to the customers clients and to interact with them to show them that they care and understands that they have unique needs that it is willing and prepared to fulfill. The employees will approach the clients with professionalism that does not take away the first objective of the Organic food web based business which.

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Sales Forecast

During the first month, the proprietor will be hiring and training new employees and also working on the modalities of opening Organic food web based business doors to the public. Organic food web based business anticipates slow sales in the first quarter of business as this will be the time for attracting its target market and familiarizing them with its unique services just for them. Starting with the second quarter, Organic food web based business will is expecting a steady growth. Organic food web based business will also maximize its product sales by familiarizing the clients with the products and encouraging usage.


Organic food web based business anticipates milestones in its early years of operations:

  1. Completion of the business plan as a guiding map to the destiny Organic food web based business aims for
  2. Setting up of the first Organic food web based business centre and opening a branches every six months
  3. Attaining revenue in excess of $250,000.
  4. Profitability

Personnel Plan

The proprietor will fully dedicate her time to the management of Organic food web based business. The proprietor is responsible for hiring the best suited professionals for the business and also for the development of manpower, handling of retail sales and purchases of the Good Looking salons. The proprietor will however recruit a competent receptionist who will be responsible for handling all appointments, on the spot sales transactions, telephone sales and also catering for 'walk in' clients. The first Good Looking shop will have a total of eight hair stylists who will on top of their hourly wages be earning a commission for every client they attend.

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