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Culture and Leadership

1.0 Introduction

The main objective of each and every company or organization in existence today is to make profits and at the same time dominate the market and also satisfy its clients and customers needs this will help the organization realize its ambitions in the market. The organization can at the same time be prosperous in the market if its workers are provided with a more conducive environment that will ensure that the workers are more productive and interested in there work. In this case the workers are more productive incase the organization had introduced good leadership and cultural practices that will make the employees of the organization feel more comfortable and appreciated with the leadership of the organization (Sarabia, 2007).

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2.0 Needs Analysis

The company I am evaluating to day is the Siemens Company. This company is recently reporting cases of non productive workers, and this is basically seen as a result of the lack of morale in its employees. The only way forward that will help the organization to get back its lost glory and dominate the hardware industry will be through the use in Knowledge Management this will help the organization reform its operations (Knowledge Management, 2011). In this paper I am major gong to evaluate on the adjustments that can be implemented on the company's culture and leadership.

I have conducted a theoretical analysis I also linked it to the real case on the ground on the causes of these problems in the company. Therefore finding out that the problems are as a result of the cohesive closeness between the company's leaders and the other junior workers these lack of corporation between these groups of workers have resulted to incorporation between them thus dropping the production of the company.

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While, from the analysis I managed to notice the difference between the company's workers from observation and interviewing the workers who work in the organization and from the interaction with the workers of the company. I managed to conclude that the company is facing these problems as a result of the lack of communication between the workers of the company.

3.0 Policy

The company will be able to overcome these problems of poor sales this is by introduction of new policies that will aim at ensuring the company makes its workers environment to be more conducive to all its employees thus increasing the cohesion and interaction with each other regardless of the position of the employees (Knowledge Management, 2011). These policies will be basically being aimed at improving the company's culture and leadership.

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It is noted that most organizations are more profitable as a result of a good leadership, therefore in implementing policy I will ensure that each individual in the organization is given the equal responsibility that will ensure that they can send there ideas and taken in with the same strength regardless the individual rank in the organization. In this case the company should not depend only on the Chief Knowledge Officer but it should note that all the workers are knowledge officers.

In the matters pertaining to culture I would ensure that each of the workers needs and requires are fulfilled, in that's the company should change its cultural way of working, this is by ensuring that the company's employees meet deadlines, it also provide room for planning and developing own programs (Sarabia, 2007). The company should also be in a position to give its employees incentives and awards fro there positive contributions in there works, It should also ensure that it introduces new ways of working that will improve the motivations of the workers.

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4.0 Conclusion

The policies will not only help the organization achieve the increase in profits and also dominate the world market these policies will ensure the organization has succeeded it ambitions but at the same time be of great benefit to the organizations workers who will feel that they realize there dreams (Sarabia, 2007). The same time there productivity is increased while at the same time enjoying there work as there will be as a result of an improvement of communication amongst them.

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