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Do grocery sales increase their presence in e-commerce?

Recent years, the Internet has changed significantly demanding new innovative ways of communication and interaction with customers. The question is interesting because increased number of e-businesses forces many consumers limit their time spent online. The unique nature of grocery products threatens many companies and prevents them from fast growth. Still, this enables the opportunity to bring grocery shopping out of the grocery store, supermarket and superstore. By uploading the daily catalogue of goods and prices that are available, stores can now enable consumers to buy their goods without having to go round the store to collect them. In an environment in which time is precious the advantage to the consumer is undeniable. Not only that, but the concept can reduce costs too (Demery 2007; Howlett, 2007).

Research Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the grocery e-business.
    1. Nature of the grocery business
    2. Demographic characteristics of customers buying grocery online
    3. Threats and problems of online shopping
  3. Analysis of the past data (2000-2010) collected from secondary sources (the Internet, scientific articles and company reports).
    1. 2000-2005 date
    2. 2005-2010 date
    3. Comparison of the results
  4. Analysis of the main trends in grocery e-business
  5. Conclusions

Benefits of the Research

The research question would be very interesting for small and middle sized companies involved in e-business. It will help a specified organization to accept an important decision about growth opportunities and possible threats in grocery market. The research would answer a question: Is it worth for small retailers to sell grocery online? Such success is dependent on acquiring an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the Internet and matching these with the characteristics of existing products or services.

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