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What is the most importance of a team work?

It's clearly indicated in the article "The Discipline of Teams" by Katzenbach, & Smith, (2005) that teamwork is more effective for the maintaining of mutual accountability amongst the workmates. This is because it helps the workers to fully understand each other well and improve there relations with each other without the use of forcing them into understanding each other.

Teamwork is another way in which an organization can solve its problems; this is when it gives its workers the room to mingle freely and exchange there ideas on the way a specific problem can be solved. This will eventually help the organization to easily realize its goals (Katzenbach & Smith, 2005).  

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It also provides the workers with full commitment on there work; this is because the teams will provide each of the team members with responsive roles. Therefore this will automatically ensure that the individual will be very committed to there  respective roles and perform better in the duty.        

Importance of these concepts

I consider these concepts as very important this is because they help the manager of an organization, shape the organization into a modern institution with improved performance of its workers. The free flow of information and close interaction between the employees will help the organization to realize its targets. At the same time motivating the employees in the workplace and ensure that they are able to easily work with each other without any friction and conflict amongst themselves.

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Theses concepts are also important this is because they improve the productivity of the workers; this is evident because it provides each of the employees with equal opportunity and ranks in the organization decision making process. It also improves there production this is because they interact closely with each other regardless their position and this is helps them improve their interpersonal relationship. Thus making them more efficient for performing there duties as each of the employees knows the other persons closely (Katzenbach & Smith, 2005).     

How I can apply these concepts in the organization?

There are several measures that I can use in order to use ensure that there is a good team in an organization. The first method of ensuring that I select the member of the team by creating the team that is comprised of different types of members with diverse skills; this will ensure that the individual will have diverse potentials that will be the strong points for the organization thus ensuring that they realize their potentials (Katzenbach & Smith, 2005).

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Ideas/ actions that helped me develop a good team environment in the past

The use of specialization has helped me ensure there is a strong team environment in my organization in the past; this is when I created specialized teams to deal with a special problem / situation (Katzenbach & Smith, 2005). This is when there were different teams that would deal with a specific issue and this might result to the solution solving, policy developers and management team amongst other sections of the organization that dealt with other different types of the organization functions. These helped the organization to succeed in these functions as the workers were dealing with the sections of interests and specialization.

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The other way the business was able to develop a good team environment is the use of outdoors activities; this in some way improved the workers relations as they were involved in sports and trips amongst others (Katzenbach & Smith, 2005). These will improve the relations of the employees as there cohesion will improve the communication flow and interaction of the employees thus improving the relationship between the individuals and thus ensuring that they can be more productive in there workplace.

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