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In scenario 1, Victoria's secret should seek alternative methods of earning revenue. It is clear that the catalogue section contributes largely to Victoria's sales revenue. As a short term solution, Victoria's Secret should develop new methods of reaching out to their customers apart from the use of catalogues. These may include, having personal contact with customers and utilizing the web in distributing the catalogues (Nadianindita).

By having more personal contact with customers, Victoria's secret will be able to reduce the number of catalogues it prints in order to inform the customers about the existing and new products. Customers can be kept up to date through physical contact with Victoria's sales ladies and gents or through Victoria's distributors. Alternatively, Victoria's Secret can make use of the web to distribute its catalogues to its customers instead of producing hard copies (Nadianindita).

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In scenario 2, it can be said that Barb Stephens used malicious means to secure business for Billing family. According to the law of tort, malicious words or talks about another person are illegal and one can be prosecuted under civil law, if, the plaintiff commence a court proceeding against the person talking maliciously about him or her (Shanker). Malicious actions are actions done by a person with ill-will or spite. When Barb Stephens approached Sparkle Gem Jewelers, it was purely business. However, she used malicious words against Mrs.

Billing as her strategy to attract customers into the new distribution network which she had organized. Barb Stephens gave information about Mrs. Billing which was not true and which was defamatory in nature. Therefore, Mrs. Billing should accuse Barb Stephens for malicious talks against her as a means of attracting more customers into the distribution network she had created. Mrs. Billing should seek damages from Barb Stephens for portraying her name and that of the business in such a negative manner.

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In scenario 3, Star8 plan is not ethical. According to Rossiter, honesty is one of the goals of business ethics provided in communication. Star8 should be honest as possible when offering their services to their customers. Concealing the identity of an individual in communication is an unethical business practice in communication (Rossiter). Also, in communication, it is required that the source of information or communication be revealed as a means of achieving honesty (Rossiter).

Therefore, Marvin Smith should not sign up for Star8 since they are engaging in illegal practices and also because Star8 is not employing ethical business practices required in the field of communication. By signing up with Star8, Marvin Smith will be getting into an illegal contract since the nature of Star8 business is illegal.

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