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International Business Machines

International Business Machines (IBM) is a multinational technology and consulting firm based in America. It deals with computer hardware and software in that it sells and also manufactures them. It also offers infrastructure, consulting and hosting services from the one referred to as mainframe computers to the nanotechnology. IBM tends to hold more patents compared to other technology oriented companies in America. It has nine research laboratories worldwide. It has undergone various changes in terms of its organization since its establishment(Pugh, 1995).

Developer works is a website run by IBM for software developers and it professionals. It consists of how-to articles and tutorials; software downloads and code samples, blogs, wikis, and some other resources for developers and technical professionals. Alpha Works is IBM's source for emerging software technologies. They include Flexible Internet Evaluation Report Architecture. This is a highly architecture dealing with design, display and also reporting of the internet surveys. It also offers products such as cluster systems; Intel-processor based servers, Linux serves, power systems, UNIX servers and mainframe servers(Campbell-Kelly, 2004).

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IBM security content analysis Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the most updated databases and accurate analysis. This is done through the use of Application Programming Interface (API). This means that clients can be protected from spam and inappropriate web content. IBM also provide access to the largest URL filter databases having more than ten billion evaluated web images and pages. It does also provide operating systems supported by Linux.

It also provides electronic products to the clients. The creation of electronics has resulted in extraordinary connectivity across the globe, creating more opportunities for various kinds of products and services. This products and services empower the clients to capture these opportunities by way of developing visible, flexible and collaborative value chains. The solution of services and products is to deliver speed in implementation of architectural designs and flexibility in transformation of business and projects, each at a time. It also provides guidance on how to get started and whom to partner with for business capabilities.

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A company has an internal control over financial reporting. This is a process designed to cater for provision of at least reasonable assurance as pertains to the reliability of the financial reporting cum the preparation of financial statements. The company's internal control over financial reporting includes policies and procedures that pertain to the maintenance of records and provide reasonable assurance that all transactions are recorded. IBM has also employed some auditors who preview the transactions of the company. Financial review helps in making major decision of the company concerning investment and expansion(Palmisano, 2011).

Management organization of IBM Company is well organized to make sure that there is integration of all its members and to achieve its goals and objectives. IBM headquarter is located at Armonk, New York. The fact that it has nine research laboratories in the whole world makes it easier to provide first-class products and services to its clients. IBM's board of directors, which has fourteen members, is entitled with the task of ensuring smooth running of the company. IBM provides same-sex partner of its employees with health benefits. This is to motivate them so as to achieve their goals. Management is a key factor that needs to be upheld by every company for its success. Good management has helped IBM to be where it is today in IT industry.

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Most companies today face various challenges when it comes to the issue of marketing. IBM has developed good marketing so as to enhance its survival despite higher competition from other companies. IBM has various branches all over the world to enhance good marketing and distribution of its goods and services. It uses automatic handling of un-subscription list. It also uses the real-time reporting for open rate, click-thru rate, and bounce rate and domain breakdown analysis so as to facilitate its marketing(Bono, 2006).

IBM is one of the largest and most profitable companies in the field of information technology. For this reason, it is faced with great competition from other growing company in the same field. But it has been able to compete with these companies due to its good management practices and dedicated employees. Also despite developing new software and hardware, it is also involved in making of new equipments in medicine and food processing field. Military products, stadium score boards and typewriters are some other products which are being manufactured by IBM. Due to diversification in production of various products, it has defeated most of its competitors in market share. Marketing plans and distribution channels in IBM are well managed to compete fairly with other companies. Quality products from IBM are also key factor for its success.

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