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Walmart Report

In this report Barnes and noble book store in Vernon hills, IL was used as the case of study. The book store has a better understanding of their customers in that, they know the impressions of their customers about their services and also has a better understanding of the customer's emotional and rational needs. The Barnes and noble book store also understand their customers in such a way that they are in position to meet their wants, needs and even desires. They offer their services in such a way that customers feel a sense of security, a sense of belonging and a sense of security thus their emotional needs are satisfied. The book store also provides shuttle service to the customers therefore satisfying their desires leaving them delighted.

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In the Barnes and noble bookstore complaint are managed with the required urgency. The bookstore is well equipped with seats and the shelves are well arranged thus creating an atmosphere that is friendly to the customers. The staff consists of well trained professionals thus delivering the services efficiently. The book store also has a developed customer service strategy and a way of measuring the service standards, customer satisfaction and also customer loyalty, therefore the bookstore has an elaborate customer service culture.

The service culture of the Barnes and noble book store is well established by putting a helpful staff that is always ready to assist with all the inquiries. The bookstore also has a brick and mortar stores together with an online options where customers can put their orders and transaction completed and the book delivered to them. In addition, there is a coffee bar, clean bathrooms, free wifi browser and a great location. There is also a customer service culture where the customers can simply call to make inquiries, lodge complaints or make an order. In addition to that, there is extensive children selection and also normal topical books that are neatly arranged on the shelves in an attractive manner to ensure easy accessibility and to attract attention of the customers who visit the bookstore.

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The staff of the Barnes and noble book store have positive attitude towards their customers. They are pleasant and helpful and listen empathetically to customers and provide immediate solutions to help customers, making them to feel part of the service provision. The employees also take the extra step of greeting the customers and offering seats to those who are in the queues. The staff also throws something extra by giving the customers a detailed explanation of the available books and a comparison with other relevant books. The employees are so motivated in delivering top notch services witnessed by them being so well mannered and attentive to the customers. They are also friendly, flexible, sincere, and consistent, communicate efficiently and are personable coupled with giving quick response to inquiries and requests.

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In communication styles, the employees of the Barnes and noble bookstore, listen in such a way that they avoid being defensive. When a customer has a problem they listen to the problem without giving any excuse. The staff does not attribute blame when there is a mistake. They just listen with the aim of finding how to solve the problem rather than getting the cause of the problem. They also listen to the customers in such a way that they provide encouragement to customers to share information honestly and openly without any fear. The staffs of Barnes and noble are in a position to handle different behavioral style with patience and also believe that the customer is always right. They are well trained and posses personalities to deal with different behavioral styles exhibited by the customers such as, the finishers, orators, methodical and the big pictures. The verbal and the non verbal communication of the Barnes and the noble book store are characterized by a moderate volume and pace. The voice is also convincing with minimal facial expressions and they are always sitting or standing in an appropriate posture.

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I had an opportunity of having an appointment with Mr. Lori Luencht the manager of the Barnes and noble bookstore located in Vernon hills, IL. Apart from the observation that lasted for four days, I also did an informational interview with him that lasted for two hours.

The following questions were asked and answers provided;

Question: how long have you worked in this position?

Answer: two years

Question: how would describe the service culture of this organization?

Answer: it is well established with helpful staff, brick and motor stores, online options, extensive children selection, normal topical books, a coffee bar, clean bathrooms, shuttle service and great location enable us to serve the customers to their satisfaction.

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Question: what are you two top customer service priorities?

Answer: we do ensure that the store is well stocked and also has a variety of all types of  books

Question: What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about customer service?

Answer: The customers always come back and they do send a positive feedback thus building our clientele base

Question: What is your biggest challenge in customer service?

Answer: sometimes the employees find it hard to deal with customers who has extreme behavioral style but we have trained the staff and cases of such incidences are no longer reported

Question: What two classes would suggest to every college graduate to take that would make a difference in providing good customer service?

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Answer: every college should take a course in building customer service culture and also on understanding the customer needs, wants and desires

Question: how is it easy for customers to make contact with you?

Answer: there are two phone lines that are always in operational

Question: can a customer call directly?

Answer: yes a customer can call me directly but when am not there is always a person  on line to answer it

Question: how easy is it to locate the number if the customer does not have it already?

Answer: the number can be located from our website page,                                                                        , the click the option of the states or cities

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Question: do you always return calls within the 24 hours?

Answer: yes all calls are usually returned within 24 hours.

The observation made ten d to tally with the information provided by the manager of Barnes and noble book store in Vernon hills, IL. That is the organization has a well established customer service culture in place due to various services it offers to their customer. From the observation and the information gathered it can be concluded that good customer service skill is the key to Barnes and noble bookstore and they have invested more into it making the customers always to come back and also generating a positive feedback.

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