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Town Music

Executive Summary

A good opportunity exists for a full service guitar retailer both in the United States and in the international market. This initiative will offer people abroad a better shopping option, with enormous selection from Dean Guitars, Jackson Guitars and the Ibanez Guitars. Our guitars will come along with after and before sale services and education to customers as on the closure of the sale. Our company will have central interests on the novice, hobbyist, professional and semi-professional musicians. Even though our company may not grow to be the largest, we intend to become a "Must-Shop Destination" for every person around the globe who is after buying new guitars. The business name that we intend to assume for our company is Town Music Inc.

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Town Music Products and Services

Town music will sell guitars in every destination worldwide that is United States' products friendly. Our main items will be there forms of guitars; Dean Guitars, Jackson Guitars and the Ibanez Guitars.

Product and Service Description

Town Music will offer the following globally:

  • A wide selection of Dean Guitars
  • A wide selection of Jackson Guitars
  • A wide selection of Ibanez Guitars

In addition, we will offer after sale services especially upgrades that our competitors out there have not yet considered. Whenever a brand name guitar conflicts with the interests of our customer, we shall instead avail a product that best suits the interests of our customers around the world.

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Competitive Comparison

Town music will be unique to its competitors in for many reasons:

  • None of the music business industries around the world specializes on the best brands of guitars that are one of our primary focuses.
  • We provide services in support of our products and none of the product providers in the world has considered this aspect.
  • Town music will take the advantage of "name brand recognition," a part that most of our competitors in other countries under-advertise and most of the times overlook.
  • Town music will take advantage of our competitors' flaws in stocks by keeping our businesses all over well stocked.

We understand that guitars cannot be enjoyed without experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, we cannot charge our global customers more for the guitars for the reason that we offer after sale services; the market has no place for such dealers. We shall offer varied services, competitive prices, and various products mixes of the three brands.

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When possible, Town music will acquire its inventory straight from the manufacturers in order to have them at the lowest prices possible. Prices of the various distributors will always be compared to ensure that we get the best price per unit. Town music will always put quality ahead of the price as we pass our products to the customers. Although we intend to always purchase guitars in bulk when feasible, we will always have in mind that low prices are not always the best move for the business's bottom line.


It is notable that the music industry is now leaning towards ultra-modern electronics, most particularly in guitar related properties. One downside of these innovations is that it has led to dropping of prices in this industry hence revenues per minute have been lowered. It will therefore be important that we bundle our computers as complete packages to build stable sales and profits.

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Future Products and Services

Town music will always rotate its stock of the three brands of guitars so that new brands are always available in our various stores worldwide. The stores will balance what is needed now and what is needed later in various countries.

We will institute the following to ensure the business expands:

  • By the end of the first year of business, we must have various schools band rental programs to insulate our businesses against competitors who might establish a business to compete with us in various countries.
  • Town music will employ the internet as a major way of informing the potential buyers worldwide about our business and products. Our site will be an international site geared towards service and information. However, we shall avoid having a sales engine on our site for this would lower profits margin and limit opportunities for sales n various outlets.
  • We also hope to establish many children and seniors clubs of guitar music in as many countries as possible. With little cost, we can support the clubs that will generate extra sales.

Target Market Segment Strategy

We will be targeting hobbyists, novices, professionals and semi-professionals all over the world. In these groups, there is the largest group of musicians and have a high amount of disposable income. These are segments that can be approached with the same techniques of marketing and if treated properly they can be very loyal. We are not intending to reach for the established international musicians because they need a great deal of attention and always need much less profitable prices and an exclusive shopping different from that of the novice consumers.

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Global Market Needs

Our intended customers, although they vary, can be loomed in the same way. Their most significant market needs are Value, Selection, Service and Lessons.

Market Growth

The international guitar market has experienced a steady growth over the last years with increasing revenues over the years. These numbers were arrived at irrespective of the many economic difficulties and mayhem on Wall Street.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

We are intending to establish strong relationship with our clientele by offering stellar personal service and by going beyond our customers' expectations on every visit to our stores. To be put in place are programs of rewarding clients to gain repeat business. Town Music is intending to take business from the mail order firms to the local market. This with commitment to provide customers with exhilarating educational environment together with up front, fair pricing, and outstanding after and before sale services, we can be successful.

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Management Summary

For a start, a small staff in every outlet worldwide shall be maintained. A staff of achievers will be in place soon as possible to take advantages of the higher operating costs of our competitors in various countries. In place will be:

· Four employees- full time in every outlet

· Three employees- part-time in every outlet

The policy is to have at least half of the employees in various countries as Americans.

Each of the employees will be empowered to make an on-spot decision where it is of advantage to our customer satisfaction approach. In this case, we therefore need only a single manager in every outlet in making day-to-day decisions that require final word and so maintaining a minimum hierarchy. In future, internationally, hiring will be very selective and employees shall be rewarded as the business prospers. It is very important that we maintain a minimum employee turnover, as the clientele in this industry mostly require building long-term associations with their sales agents. Our divisions in every country will mainly be Sales, Service and Administration.

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Top Management Team

Daniel Ortega will be the operations manager


  • Daniel Ortega is a 5-year expert of the wholesale music instruments accessories in New York major music hypermarket.

  • He has the ability to write and carry out international and national sales programs and maintaining financial limitations of multinationals.

He has had a lifelong passion in music and plans to transform his passion, together with his management dexterity, into establishing Town music into a long-term multinational investment.

Peter Ortega - Co-Owner
Stores Manager-to be in charge of both in America and in other countries.


  • Currently managing a major guitars store in Los Angeles.

Former manager of Kaput music supermarket in Manhattan.

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Cater Ortega will be the Overall Services Department - Manager


  • Graduate of Venn School , Manhattan

  • Qualified in all features of musical instruments, especially guitars.

Management Team Gaps

We believe to be a team of excellent top managers who will complement each other's level of skill and knowledge.  We however lack a head of the guitar repair departments but as soon as possible, we shall have a qualified person to take up the position and one who will be a great benefit to us.

Projected Profit and Loss

If we utilize the present market circumstances internationally, we can accomplish a lot in market share in the establishment year and in other years to come. Our postulations of sales are conventional compared to business averages in correspondingly sized markets.











Projected Cash Flow

Our projected overall cash flow has only a small negative cash flow. Our money in bank without need for credit facilities will easily cover this. We hope to keep up a positive cash balance all through the projected future.

Benefits of our initiative to Town Music, the united states, and to other countries.

  • Other countries will have greater variety of the musical instruments. This will allow consumers wide arrays of choices, which will not only help their countries, grow economically but it will help improve their qualities of life.

  • The United States will have a better utilization and efficient allocation of resources she has a comparative advantage in producing guitars. When production in countries is made through comparative advantage, there is reduced wasteful duplication of resources and provides countries with enhanced marketing power.

  • Our initiative will also create more employment opportunities as the United States' goods widens through trade. Our multinational initiative will create more employment opportunities through the establishment of outlets in various countries to cater for the demands of the musical instruments there. This will enhance rate of employment of the united state of America.

Music Town will enhance efficiency in our part as we try to adopt various better methods of keeping costs down to remain competitive.

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